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I also read somewhere that girls fight more often with their parents as a part of maturing. I dont know how accurate it is, but the article was in Readers Digest or Time, a few months back.

I really dont want to tell you how to punish. That all depends on how your family has dealt with it. Some families are much more strict then others. My family is pretty liberal and Joanna was just told every time to smarten up and stop breaking everyones hearts (since her actions did so for my mother)

She will grow out of it though, Joanna did. Your daughter is just going through changes. She is going to be your daughter, then your enemy and then when its over your best friend and not your little girl anymore. My dad didnt do anything much about it since he says thats the way it goes. For some the enemy stage last longer than others.

Good Luck with your daughter. Let your daughter know the way she is fighting is breaking your heart. No one ever wants to break their parents heart. She may just re-evaluate the way she picks her fights.

And I just want to point out, that your daughter was the one to tell you that she didnt think the punishments you used to instill are not working. Thats very mature on her part.

Good Luck

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