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hi tattered mom! your son is three years old, it's kinda his job to see what he can get away with. i had the exact set of problems w/ my son at that age. it was a big, fat, battle of wills, all the time!! him vs me. picking your battles is some good advice and that went a loooong way.

also, the potty training thing, forget it. you can't make him go on the potty, but maybe (this is gross, so bear with) a camping trip would pique his interest a bit. my son refused to go on the toilet, but only #2, he would pee in (or around) the toilet all day long. when we took him camping he learned to go 1 and 2 outside and loved it! no idea why, but it worked. granted, he started crapping in my backyard while play camping, but at least it wasn't a giant 4yo poop in the underpants anymore, and i had to scoop after the dog anyway! gross, i know, but it was only a few times, then the novelty wore off, he got used to getting his pants off and not going in them, and now all is how it's supposed to be, in that regard.

as far as food goes, mine was also very finicky, he went almost a year eating mostly mac'n'cheese, hotdogs and cucumbers, with oatmeal for breakfast. now he eats almost anything, especially if he's got chocolate milk (made always with malted ovaltine- has vitamins) to wash it down. but there are tons of ways you can sneak actual nutrition into otherwise useless food, like putting 1/4 cup of wheat germ into the pancake batter, melting cheese over the broccoli, add some bacon to the green beans, and start having conversations about nutrition, how it builds muscles and makes him so smart, he'll come around eventually, don't worry!

you might also try getting him out of the house a bit. my son loved going out for cookies and choco milk at the coffee shop, so whenever he would do what i wanted i would take him out as a reward. but if he started acting up, then i could say somehting to the tune of, "oh, that's too bad you're not eating your lunch, now your muscles aren't going to grow and i can't take you out to starbucks either!" 3yo's don't talk very well, but they understand plenty.

as far as you go, a 3yo and a 1yo would exhaust any woman, sounds like a normal mom to me! get a sitter, getcher hubby, and get out w/out the kids! soon, and regularly. and try to find some time to connect with girlfriends, they'll help keep you sane. check out local playgroups, they are so worth the time, even chitchat with strangers, as long as the kids are occupied, will be good for your state of mind. and who knows? you might make some good friends. best of luck to you. ali

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