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I have the same situation. I moved in with my fiance and his 8 year old daughter before we were married. I did sleep in another room though, we would never sleep in the same room when she stayed with us. I was always angry about his way of correcting her. He always seemed to let her do whatever she wanted. The TV issue always bothers me and still does. When she is with her mother - she watches TV all day long. As soon as she walks in the door - she turns on the TV. I let her watch some but then I believe she can read a book or play with all those toys in her room. I am only the step mother but I do try to correct her. Sometimes the father is not there at that time - why let it go until he gets home. If it's something terrible than the bio father can handle it, but she is a great girl. I have no problem with her. I do believe that you and your spouse need to have understanding on discipline. You both need to agree with the rules and stick to it. We agreed to the rules even though sometimes the daddy bends them for his little girl. We get along better by agreeing to it all. The rules in our house of course are different than the mothers. That's when it gets hard!!! Good luck!!

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