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Lately my stepdaughter has been talking about how much her bio mom does for her. The mother never gave her much attention before until NOW, since the bio dad is fighting for custody. Now she is going out of her way to give her daughter everything!!! I'm really glad that the daughter is now having a good relationship with her real mom, it does worry me that the bio mom will go back to her old way and ignore the child once the court stuff is over. My question, I miss doing things with the daughter - is it ok for me to be jealous of the bio mom?? I don't want to sound selfish, she is her mother!! I use to know everything about the girl, she told me everything about school, etc. - now she tells her mother. I feel left out. She lived with her father and I helped raise her for 2 years - it's hard for me to cut those bonds off and go back to my "non-mothering" ways. I do not want to be jealous and I want to be happy for the daughter when she goes on and on and on about her mother. I feel like saying Blah, Blah, Blah!!!! Need encouragement and advice!!!!

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