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Thanks for the insight Bella. I know we will both be different with her, and I thinks it great, it just gets to me when he is always criticizing everything I do. It's just like all of a sudden he has taken interest in her and tells me what to do with her even though I've been the one doing it all along, ya know?

It's certinly not abusive, just frustrating. When I try to talk to him about he get very definsive saying I'm not always right. Well that's fine I know I'm not, then lets sit and discuss why you think you're way is right. He has no reason for it, it's just what his Mother has told him. I spend lots of time reading up on different parenting techniques and talking to friends with children, and he just bardges in telling me his Mom says to do it this way and it must be right. (anyone who has read my thread "MIL lets baby chew on empty beer bottles" knows she's not the best influence)

I don't mind the way he parents her, he is never the one to disipline her. I have asked him what he would do and he just say be more firm with her. Just the other night we were fighting because I had put DD to bed and she was screaming and after 15 minutes I went in to get her and got her some tylonol because I knew she was teething and she never goes to sleep when she is teething without it. He went off on a little rant about babying her too much. I said she's teething! She goes to bed every other night by herself! Why wouldn't I comfort my baby when she is in pain? I couldn't leave her scream in pain in her crib for parent would. I just don't understand him sometimes.

I'm just at a loss here. We don't have big blow out fights over it, or anything, just disagreements, but I just feel like he takes every chance he can to take a jab at my parenting.

ARRRRG! I'm just ranting I guess, was just hoping someone had a view point I never thought of or has been here and has found a way through it!

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