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The thing with the "prize" or "candy" after peeing is your child will ALWAYS have to go and you will spend half you day in the bathroom and they will not go. So the treats did not work like I thought they would. My kids finally quit constantly going to the bathroom after I stopped the treats so they would only go in there if they REALLY had to go. Otherwise they would scream and cry because they wanted to wait until they pee'd or pooped and after 45 minutes or more it got too nuts for me. As far as the girls in the same room it really doesn't matter when you do it because they will have to get used to each other in the room. Once they get used to each other in the room they will sleep through the night. For the first three or four nights it's going to be frustrating with them waking each other up. I would recommend putting a box fan in their room to drown out any movenments they may make. It seems to calm them to sleep (the sound of the fan) Definitly put your 3 year old in big girl underwear during the day. She's going to have accidents but reasure her that it's ok and that you did that too when you were little and you just keep trying to make it to the potty. Make sure you reinforce how proud you are of her trying and let her over hear you tell friends and family how great of a job she is doing and how proud you are of her. Don't ever get upset over her going in her panties. Stop any drinks after supper time unless it's a sip afterwards. I don't know if you can do this or not but I had my baby in the crib in my room until he was six months old. Can you put the crib in your room while you transistion your little girl in her room? Do NOT make a big deal out of her going into her own room, make her think that's the way it is and NOTHING she does is going to change that. Don't let her think for a second she can come sleeping in your room. Keep putting her back in her room. Don't start any bad habits of sleeping in her bed either. Reasure her that mommy is right here and can hear her, show her the baby monitor (I know you'll have one!! lol) Show her that if she whispers and calls you that you will come to her. To keep my daughters (twins) in their room I put a baby gate in front of their door. They were masters at the art of getting out. I even put two on, one on top of the other at some point. lol Children are VERY smart and will pray on your weakness. Lots and lots of praise. She doesn't want to disappoint her mommy. Make sure daddy is on the same page. Goodluck

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