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I think you should be very careful. My daughter attended a private parochial school through the 5th grade. In 6th grade we moved to another town and decided to give public school a chance.It has been a nightmare. Not to say that your experience will be...just saying be careful...

Here's some of the problems I have encountered...

[B]Lack of funding:[/B] what the kids get for programs depends on what the school committee says they can at my daughter's can't stay after school for extra help because they have cut late busses from the budget. If their are no late busses, no one can stay after whether the use the bus or not. They also have no sports unless the parents raise the money ourselves. Last year 3 of us - only 3 of us - did this - LOTS of work and we were criticized every step of the way. No yearbook, drama, band or any other club - all cut from the budget. [B]BUT THE TEACHERS GET THEIR AUTOMATIC RAISES EVERY YEAR[/B] [B]AND THE JANITORS MAKE $50,O00 A YEAR.[/B]

[B]No morals or values taught on a regular basis:[/B] Yeah, once in a while the kids get a little lecture about being good...that's all. At a private school it is an expectation of the kids to act according to a high standard of value.

[B]UNIONS:[/B] In a private school the teachers do not belong to a union...public school teachers usually do. They do NOTHING without ample compensation. Don't expect them to go out of their way for any kid if they don't get a stipend for it.

[B] Politics[/B] School committees - this can be a joke - ours has no clue - and the kids are paying for it. Principals walk around with their hands tied...they have very little power dealing with the superintendant, school committee and unions. They are afraid to discipline the students for fear of retaliation from the parents, lawsuits, etc. MAKES ME SICK. 2 KIDS GOT IN A FIST FIGHT LAST YEAR...ONE LEFT IN AN AMBULANCE - NO SUSPENSIONS OR EXPULSIONS. In private school, if a hand is raised with intetions of violence, they are expelled. Period. Take your things and go. Buh bye.

The list goes on and on and on and on...get the picture? I am putting my kid back into private school after 2 years of public school. $6,000 a year. Worth every cent. The last straw was when a kid brought narcotics to school last week and handed them out to some seventh graders. Some of these kids were foolish enough to actually ingest them. THANK GOD no one died. He is a known troublemaker, known to have had drugs in the school before and yet he walked the halls of this middle school. If I had to hear the term "Zero Tolerance" one more time I was gonna scream. This kid is STILL NOT EXPELLED. Next time they will have a few dead kids on their hands - but not my kid - we are outta there. Private schools would have handled this differently. He would have been expelled LONG before this last incident.

The problems I have mentioned are the tip of the iceberg...I could go on for hours and hours...

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