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I feel the challenges change as they get older, some are harder some easier. I think the last poster was right on with them. At first, your life will change overnight. I went into the hospital one person and then came out a different person. Not in a bad way just a different way. For awhile your whole life will revolve around your baby. Sleeping will become the thing you long for the most. You will never realize what it is like to be that sleep deprived until it happens. There is no way to prepare. The upside is that you love your baby so much you do not mind the sleeplessness. It is just very hard to deal with at times.

Another challenge is your relationship with your husband/boyfriend. Everything changes with that also. He is no longer the center of your universe your baby is. Also, the things you did together before will change. I found that we had to rediscover some things we had in common. There were no more trips to the movies whenever and fun nights out drinking. You will want to go to bed at 8:00 some days and he will still be on his normal schedule. Trying not to resent him for that is also trying. He will be able to go to the bathroom by himself, shower in peace, eat a full meat uninterrupted, and go places by himself. He also will be able to turn the tv on and stare at it mindlessly and watch an entire show. These normal things that we take for granted are taken away when you have a baby. Yes - you will get them back it's just a hard transition. You will not stress about it all the time but there will be moments, where you will want to be able to do these things and cannot. BTW your husband my try, but will not be able to understand how you feel about this. There is no way to understand unless you live it. This is why moms just have a bond. When you see another mom you just know what it's like and you can relate.

My final challenge is with disapline. I bought books, talked to others and I had a game plan. Gentle disipline with consistant boundaries. It all seemed so easy in the books. Go as you mean to go on, pick your battles, be consistant blah blah blah. Well, I have been thrown by a loop with my 20 month DS. Boy do I love him, but never could have imagined how one little boy whom I love so much, could frustrate me this much. I have changed diapers, survived sleepless nights for months, endured dr. visits, BF for 19.5 months and kissed many boo boos only to be repaided with my hair being pulled, being hit in the face and screamed at constantly day after day. What a joy. At least for now we have fought our way to great 3 hour naps, which means I can have a bit a peace during the day. Well, a few minutes of peace, now - I am off to shower, do the dishes, vaccum, finish the laundry and pick up toys. Whew those naps sure fly by.

Good luck and congrats - I hope I did scare you. :D

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