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I have 4 children ages from 21 to 7 I have always told my children when they were old enough to understand, not to let ANYONE touch them anywhere, that it is not okay, and to come and tell me right away, That if anyone tried to tell them it was okay it really is not. I don't know if this was a good thing to do or not? I have a cousin that has a younger son and a friend that has a son the same age as mine, My freinds little boy has been caught a whole bunch of times touching the other little boys or girls, So I have been telling my son that it was a nasty thing he was doing and if my friends son tired to touch him (my son) for him to come tell me right away, My son said okay he would. My friends son was caught few weeks ago kissing my cousins little boys pee pee, and the person that caught them went and told there mothers and my cousins little boy told them what they were doing, the friends little boy lied said he was not doing anything like that she was lieing, well last night I caught my son and my cousins little boy in the bathroom doing a nasty thing with there pee pees, I took them away from each other to talk to them about this, my cousins little boy is 4 and when I asked him what they were doing he said having sex, I said, how are you having sex? he said we were in our butts. "I WAS FLOORED", My 7 year old did not say what they were doing he kept covering his face.and told me he did not want to talk about it anymore. Is it normal for boys to do this at there ages? As freaked out as I was I never raised my voice to either of them, Nor did I spank them, I told them what they did was wrong and nasty for them to do, and that I was very disapointed with them, and my son wanted to know if I was mad at him, I said no I am upset with you guys and disapointed, Did I handle this right? What do I do if it happeneds again? Yes I did call my cousin and let her know and took he son to her.

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