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My DS is 2 and very stubborn. He's taken to laughing at me when I spank him through the diaper, so yes, I spank his bare bum. I have a 3 lick maximum on the diaper, 2 licks on the bare bum.

I too, am very much old school when it comes to discipline. I was spanked with a belt. (GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) And I thank my parents for it and don't resent them at all. Neither do I see myself as an abused child!

So, in short, the answer to your question is, YES!
Siren you might want to look into age appropriate behavior for a 2 year old. ALL 2 year olds laugh at you when you get angry with them. You cannot take it personally. It is not a personal attack against you, and they are not being defiant. If you realize that it is normal for a 2 year old to laugh at these times you can disipline without throwing anger into the ordeal. It's really hard to disipline a 2 year old. Time outs just start to work at this age. With painful spanking your child will just behave out of fear. They will not learn to use their own inner controls. They will not learn how to tell right from wrong with out a physical punisher around. Sounds like this level of disipline is so ingrained in your thinking due to your upbringing. You are unable to step away and see alternative approaches to disipline. Consistancy and strict boundaries will work just as well as spanking on the bare bumm. I know many very well behaved children who where never spanked. Their parents did disipline but not with corporal punishment. They were actually very strict but no hitting.
Hitting or spanking???? I understood the difference when I was a child. My son is smart enough to understand too.

By no means am I suggesting that every child needs to be spanked. I have a neice who desolves into tears when you speak to her sharply. She's never needed to be spanked. Sometimes my son doesn't listen (of course, I try verbally telling him to "stop" first) and continues to do what he wants. Then he gets time out. If he will sit in time out, that's the punishment I use. If he fights me and refuses to stay there, I spank him. I don't see that I have another option when he refuses to comply with non corporal forms of discipline. I can't give up and let him off the hook just because he's throwing a fit.

I actually have to discipline him LESS since I started spanking. Of course, as always, spanking (or anytime of negative discipline) have to be offset with praise and rewards for good behavior. I always go by the rule that I need to give him positive reinforcement at least as much as I give him negative consequences, preferably more.

So, I don't spank him every day. (I usually do end up putting him in time out everyday at least once!!!) But I don't spank indescriminately. But when he refuses to comply with time out, he gets a smack on the butt.

He's happy, social, VERY independent, and attached to me and his daddy. He's a confident, well adjusted child.
I have a 2 year old almost 3 and I spank her mostly on the bum if she would not ABSOLUTELY listen to me what so ever. I spanked her bare bottom 2 or 3 times. So yeah, it all depends on the child and the parent's view on the morality of it. SOmetimes my daughter gets so out of control, and after trying to talk in a low but stern tone, then yell, then say your going to time out, and she STILL doesn't listen, then I proceed to spank her and THEN she listens. Hey, disciplin is discipline and it's mentioned somewhere in the bibile by the way. I don't believe in spanking as an ultimate solution but when you've tried and tried and they still don't listen then, IMO, a lick or 2 is what works for me! ANd yah, I feel a little bad about it but she listens and like I said it works, cause as we all know, parenting can be VERY stressful expecially at my daughter's age...and also very fun too. :D
I just don't understand how pain can help a child? As far as the old days being better because parents hit there children. I disagree. In the old days it was ok for woman to be hit or slapped around too. I believe most parents today still do hit there children for punishment. I personally feel that hitting a child with there close off is humiliating. And hitting only teaching violence is acceptable. To the parent who said 2 year olds are smatter than people think. I agree. So teaching a little 2 year hitting is ok is a false sense of the real world. When was the last time someone's boss pulled there pants down and "spanked" them, because they made a mistake or didn't listen? I do agree time outs or a firm sounding voice or other punishments work. Also sadly kids become desensitized to spanking too. Hitting a child puts them is a sort of state of shock, so of course it seems to have an affect at first. Just like a cold glass of water in the face etc. I realize this is controversial and I'm not trying to offend anyone. I just want to express my opinion.
The old "spanking teaches hitting" argument can be easily disproven by careful research. In fact, childhood agressivness has been more closely linked to maternal permissiveness than any type of discipline. My son first hit me at the tender age of 15 months, long before I had ever spanked him. Children don't have to be taught to be agressive.

As for not hitting your boss because you have respect for him, that's not much of an argument. You can't put your boss, teachers, or friends in time out, either. No matter what form of discipline we use, we exerting athoritative control over our children. We do this because they are our responsibilty and we know better than they do.

I just get so tired of these psycologists who spew out all this stuff. I've heard EVERYTHING you just said, Fairy, from reading developmental psycologists who are anti spanking. But you know what? I'd read it again, and they never had any proof to back it up. It was all obviously opinion, OR they often use horribly flawed studies that lump abusive hitting and a spanking from loving parents all in one category. This serves to make parents feel guilty and doubt every disciplinary choice they make for their child. I've even read some people who say that any type of punishment, even time-out, is wrong.

As far as "the old days" go, you can't argue with crime statistics. What kills me is that somehow, we have suddenly become the "enlightened" generations. That thousands of years of traditions in parenting, marriage, abstinance, and education have always been wrong and "oh-thank-God-we-discovered-it-now!!!" This is, after all, the new millineum. :rolleyes: We actually believe it, because we have been told it so much for the last 40 years. We are absolutely deluding ourselves, however, because statistics say otherwise. It's the same pseudointellectualism BS (I question everything, therefore I'm an "intellectual" :rolleyes: ) that I got so sick of in college that drives everything nowdays, even discipline choices. And where has it gotten us? Having 10 year old boys hauled off in handcuffs by the cops because they got into a tussle on the playground? In the "Good ol days" a quick paddling and a "don't do it again" would've been plenty. And it would've worked, too. Now kids are bringing guns to school and killing their classmates.
There have been many many things that have "work" for centuries that we know now are wrong. I wont go in to the details. Something that always made sense to me is something my mother always told me. "Foul language and physical abuse is a feeble mind searching to express its self". Spanking is a quick fix for parents IMO. Of course children hit at a young age they do a lot of things like pull hair too, its immature behavior. They cannot express there full feelings at that age. Or they don't know any better. And no a boss wouldn't give a time out, but he/she could fire or discipline by demoting. Which later on when a child is old enough, they can realize it goes along the lines of a time out. Spanking works for a short time and as soon as the child is used to it, they become desensitized. When a child hurts themselves, it is in no way the same as getting hurt by someone else. They are learning by trial and error. Sticking there finger in a light socket ( hopefully they are covered) or touching something hot is the child exploring there world. They don't need to be hit for touching. Hopefully a parent is there to show them without the child getting hurt. They have to learn things are hot or cold or they need to see cars going by in the street etc. As far as crime. Well over half of people in jail have been physically abuse or sexually abused it is a fact. Pulling a childs pants down and hitting doesn't help teach that there bottom is there "private" parts. I have never heard of anyone saying "I turned out bad because I wasn't spanked".
I agree with spanking.I also agree that it is a stress reliever for parents. Here is why. I agree that spanking is very effective. At a certain age...about 2.5 -3 years old a child[U] does [/U] understand that he or she will be in trouble when they do something wrong. I use spanking with my bare hand (over her clothes) unless she has really tested the limits and then I spank her bare bum. Always, always in private so I don't humiliate her anymore than she is. I rarely speak loud to her in front of others too. If she is acting up, I take her away from the situation and firmly and sternly tell her that I do not like her behavior. If she keeps it up (after all resources have been used) is when she will get the spank...then she will most likely stop her behavior( immediately.) They say spanking teaches a child that hitting is ok and if you are bigger than the other person, hitting is ok as well...I'm sorry, what 2 or 3 or 4 year old expressed that idea? They do these studies on children...watching them and listening....I was spanked as a child and not once in those years did I think to myself "oh, gee, my mom is bigger than I am so its ok for her to hit me." No, I knew that if my mom spanked me, it was because I was doing something wrong.And that was the outcome of my behavior.What does putting a child in the corner do then? would that teach a child that if they do something wrong than they are shamed and nobody wants to look at them so go in the corner? The fact is that any type of punishment used will have some sort of negative reaction. Its humiliating either way you look at it. Whether you are being yelled at, put in the corner, spanked, a young age kids don't like it because it is embarassing.It would be embarassing if we as adults were repremanded in the same manner.Are we forgetting one thing however...a child is a child and they ARE smaller, not as educated, not as wise, they still need the grownups to keep them in line.That is our job.To get them ready to be adults. Shouldn't they learn from their parents loving hand that when they make poor decisions there will be consequences...bad consequences as well the good,and they need to learn how to handle those consequences. In grown up world however, our poor decisions end up in losing a job or getting sent to prison or losing a loved one.These kids these days have virtually no back bone. In the military, they actually get a time out card!Its just my oppinion, but, its the militarys' job to toughen these boys up (and or woman if thats what they choose). Some where along the lines parents lost the right to effectively parent because of the people out there who take discipline too far. Of course there is a HUGE line between disciplining with a spank and letting out frustrations.We all know what that difference is. If you don't you shouldn't be a parent.My daughter knows when she is being fresh. She knows that when I mean business, I mean business. I don't even have to spank her really any more. She knows that If I count to 3 and she isn't following my directions she'll get a time out or a spanking. Some parents can go to far and take their anger out on the child yes, in that case, the parent needs to just walk away from the situation. I have plenty of times gotten to the anger point where I could have slapped the hell out of my dd...but...I won't because I do understand she is an impulsive toddler.I put her in her room and go in the next room and cool off. Usually its only when I am personally having a rotten day...then I know to just turn the other way if she is doing something that annoys the hell out of me.Anyway, The punishment HAS to fit the crime. No ifs ands or buts. And it certainly depends on the age and/or maturity level of the child.
I've never met a parent who has said they were never spanked as a child but they spank their own children. Any parents want to chime in ? If they were not spanked but found they do spank thier children.
hmm... yup, i was spanked as a child. i thought it sucked, but i showed mom and dad a little more respect after that! only took once for me, and i remember it well.

as far as spanking goes, i think that we spanking parents can agree, it really doesn't take much. just follow through a time or two and i haven't had to spank 'em since. now i count down from ten, and those kids sure do hustle. i say, whatever works, within reason of course. if you can get your kid to follow directions all the time by using a stern tone, good on you, that can not be easy to do!

personally, i refuse to be one of those parents i see in the grocery, begging and pleading, bribing their kids to behave, while the kids are climbing the walls, not listening to their parents, accepting the bribes, then continuing their awful behavior. forget it. i am the parent. it is my job to keep the roof over their heads, get healthy food in their bellies, get them to school prepared and on time, and give them a good start on the life skills they will utilize as they grow up and become productive members of society. a spank will get their attention so that they can stop and pay attention to what i am teaching them. i will not have spoiled brats to send out into the world.

they take lessons, wear nice clothes, have plenty of friends, read tons of books, have an avalanche of art supplies, go on vacations, and they behave themselves beautifully. they are deluged with love and affection constantly. they also know very well who is in charge. i talk to my kids a lot, about right/wrong, truth/lie, rules/consequences, etc. they have never been spanked without plenty of warning, including chances to correct their behavior, and they understand well that there are consequences for inappropriate behavior. now, of course, i mostly send them to the rooms to "think about what they've done" and they have to demonstrate understanding to me before they can come out again.

i am proud to say, no matter what kind of monsters they can be at home, at school and in public, my kids are the picture of perfect... most of the time. *lol* they are still kids!

ps- i think it's been said, but i would never spank my child out of anger. that is not discipline, it's revenge.

pps- a little anecdote for ya: my kids never hit other kids, ever, and they have been spanked. it's been a coupla years, but they remember they don't like it. my brother's kids, 6 and 2yo, never spanked (my brother was beaten by his bio dad), always getting in trouble for hitting other kids. beside the spanking, they are being raised in an almost identical way. now, if my kid continued to hit other kids, he might get a wollup on the backside for it and sent to his room for awhile. next time he thought it would be funny to smack another kid he might remember what it got him and think again. just my opinion.
Hi again, I knew when I very first read this post that it would cause probs. I guess we all have to agree to disagree when it comes to the way we bring up our children. I personally dont believe that inflicting pain on a child is a good way to do this and in particular to one that is no more than a baby. Of course we all get angry from time to time at our children. But I have taught myself to take a step back and think before I act ! I was also hit as a child and I tell you now it didnt make a blind bit of difference IE I didnt end up being a better behaved child or teen. I still misbehaved and did things wrong that I KNEW were wrong. All it did was make me feel that my mother didnt love me :( I still to this day at 36 years of age think about the times when mum would hit me and it STILL upsets me. She wasnt a child basher that spanked us regularly, but I remember how distraught I would be when she did :( I will say it again, its just an out for parents. Im not having a go at anyone who does hit their kids, Im just talking from my own personal experience. Both as a spanked child and as a parent that USE to spank. You can still discipline your children and have well behaved children without hitting them. I guess its called patience. As previous posters have said, remove the child from the situation. You may have to do this 10 times, but they will get the point eventually. If not shut them in their room. I have only ever had to do this once with my daughter. She was put in there for about 3 minutes, yes it upset her, but I havent had to do it again. Violence DOES create violence ! Statistics PROVE this. When my first son was a child I spanked him because I didnt know any different when it came to parenting. But in saying that I was only 17 years old when I had him. Now as a grown woman who has her own mind, I wouldnt dream of inflicting pain on my children :(
As writen by fairymagic:[[I]To me it raises a red flag that a parent would say hitting is the only way to make my child behave[/I].]

Most parents who use the "spanking" method certainly would not say "its the only way"...

[[I]I have seen parents who hit there children and make a spectacle of themselves in public. Believe me those kids are not well behaved. Because if spanking worked why would they dare act out in public?[/I] ]

All children act out in public at some point. You mean to tell me your kids never acted out in public? Most kids act out in public, not b/c they are spanked at home and they are just bad kids or b/c they are not "decent", but b/c they are TIRED,HUNGRY,SICK,ETC...

[[I]Its always the screaming kids having a tantrum being hit in public. I have never one time seen a decent looking family hitting there kids. I am not trying to offend anyone here. But everyone knows what I am taking about[/I]. ]

"everyone knows what you are talking about?" What? The ratty looking kids who come from low income families?Sounds like to me you are stereo typing people here. So now we are insulting those families who were not fortunate enough to go to college and get themselves a 'decent' job, make a 'decent' income to cloth their ratty, bratty kids?

[[I]It is usually a ratty looking kid half dressed ( not that it is the poor child's fault) with an at there wits end mother that hits there kids in public[/I].]

What you occassionally see out in public is certainly not what takes place in every family who spanks. I know MANY well to do people who were spanked as children who in turn have spanked their children. This is not about economic statis here. The parents who leave the cart in the aisle and take their child out who is in full tantrum.....are you positive that they are not spanking those kids when they get home? Are you certain? Because of those parents who are 'decent'...and whose kids are dressed according to the medias standards...I'm sure those kids get a spanking or two. The reason you DON'T see it in public is because they are more aware of the consequences that there are some medalling people out there who will call DSS on them.Plus, they don't want to embarrass themselves OR their children in front of a few dozen strangers.There goes your theory out the window about "ratty kids" coming from poor folks who can't afford to buy the latest, trendiest clothes. And where do you live that you see so much of this? Must be a low income area? Oh, did I offend you? Like someone else on this board said...."get off your high horse!" :mad: People like you are ignorant to other peoples views and that is why this country will NEVER be equal or stand together....I'm sick of this "Its my way(view) or no way(view)" attitude. I am finished with this thread.
I have spanked on the bare butt. It is not to necesarily increase the pain, as many previous posters have said, but to get my point across. I think it is more the sound, than the fact that their butt is bare that bothers them personally. If I were doing it to be just wrong and tormentual there are many other ways I can think of. When my child turns around and says "that didn't hurt" or laughs after I spank him/her, yes I will drop their pants, and show them that I can make it hurt if that is what they would like to have happen. However, I do use spanking on the bare butt, a very last resort. After I have tried time-outs, corners, sentences, room time, taking away privelages/toys, spanking through the clothes, then on to the bare butt I go.
There are alot of people out there with unruly kids, who I think if they would just spank their child just once, the child would realize that they do not have the upper hand all the time, and our society would be alot different these days then it is.
Dazed and Confused~ Aren't you being a hippocrate? You stated in your post: "[I]how can you judge another parent because their children are not behaved..these children will learn eventually..they wont grow up hard tickets...some do..mind u...but kids r kids...if u believe that yelling and spanking a child is beneficial to them..its dont judge an apple before its picked " [/I] How about having a conversation about something serious without comparing humans with animals? They are two very different topics here. I'm pretty sure we are not talking to parents who are using spanking in excess here. I'm sure they are not treating their children like animals. What would the difference be between a swat on the hand verses a swat on the bum anyway? (whether its bare bum or not) A swat is a it not? Like everyone has been stating on this thread...They do what works "miracles" for them. Whats good for you IS NOT good for someone else. I also wouldn't assume that us spanking parents are taking out our frustrations out on our kids. Not to say it doesn't happen and in that case I believe it is wrong to strike a child out of pure anger. Were its your right to have an oppinion, I am tired of people saying that kids who are spanked grow up "In Fear" of their parents.Or they are not respectful or become violent themselves. This thread is not about "abuse" this thread is about giving swats on the bum. Or the hand. Which I don't see the difference. Hand,bum,hand...the kid is going to feel a sting no matter what right? Its great that you can use the 1-2-3 method. Somedays that works for my nearly 3 year old. Some days not. When my dd is completly out of her mind running around like a lunatic...a good swat on the bum brings her back down to Earth. My dd is VERY intelligent. She loves me and daddy very much. We give her just as much praise for good behavior then we do bad behavior. We follow through with our punishments. We talk with her about her behavior(in sentences fit for her age, intelligence,mood) Discipline is constantly changing. In my house, the same punishment does not work well all the time. In your house it might. And no you did not offend me but your words...and I hope no one else was offended. Because we are all trying to do the same thing, at least on this thread...raise our children the best way we can.Most of these parents I'm sure don't just give their kids a smack and don't explain why they are getting in trouble. Spanking is a form of discipline and to be used in the right way. I can give some examples of how time outs in a corner can go bad if done in an extreme way. Abuse is abuse. A swat is a swat and there is a FINE line between the two. This thread is not to make anyone feel bad about their parenting skills..its to comfort and lend an unbiased ear. All forms of discipline take time, energy and patience...if they are doing it right. You may not have meant to sound judgmental but you did.I know I come here for advice or to learn other methods that are not very the one in the post before yours...Pushups...thats really cute...and healthy...for the age appropriate child. We should be swapping ideas not telling each other how our kids are going to grow up messed up because they got spanked. Or they go to bed sad because mommy or daddy hit them...I don't want to sound rude...but, you really have no idea what is going on in these parents worlds to be making claims such as you did..." If you believe yellin and spanking a child is benneficial to a child...its not?...Like you said: Don't judge an apple before its picked. Oh and one more thing, I was spanked as a child, i was also put into the corner an awful lot...but, all my mom ever did was yell..she never praised me.Or paid any mind to me otherwise.THAT is why i feared her and have no respect for her today. She never wanted me around. With my dd I praise over the smallest things, I acknowledge her when she remembers on her own the right way to behave. I give her my undivided attention. She is very polite and I recieve praise myself from strangers on the street over how well behaved she is.Believe me she has her major toddler moments...shes a kid. I am completly confident that she will turn out to be a very responsible,open minded and caring adult who respects me.
I came on here because I am going to be a mommy soon, and was looking for some info when I came across this.

I was spanked as a child and I WILL spank when it comes to my children. I thank my parents for raising me the way they did. My grandpa spanked me, I remember when I was younger, once when I was real bad he made me walk out to the peach tree behind the house and pick a stick to be spanked with. By the time I got in the house I was so sorry for what I had done (walking into an orchard from the house is a long way to think :) ) that he looked at me, sat me down and talked with me and that was that.

My husband was spanked as a child also. He's actually the one that brought it up one day. He was asking me how I planned on punishing my son. If verbal isn't enough, then spanking is next in line, plain and simple. IMO there is nothing wrong with spanking. I feel that the parents who take it farther than it needs be, then there is a problem. A smack on the bum followed with a good reprimand when it's called for is all you need.

I felt really depressed reading some back posts, some parents are taking this way out of context. Spanking done right is NOT abusive hitting. So if you don't agree with it, look the other way.
I am in shock at how the majority of the people on here who still use hitting as a punishment!

I am the mother of 2 girls, I hit my eldest daughter at the age of 2 1/2 for doing wrong (I was hit as a child), never again, I hated hurting her. I went out and looked for information on different parenting tecniques and controls.

My eldest was a handful, very challenging and I lost control and hit her on the bottom. When I got myself sorted, knew how to handle her ways, she became a lot calmer, more sociable and much more loving.

I believe it is the parents handling a situation as to how the children react, we have learned so much over the years, times move on. Please don't get stuck into the rut of hitting our babies because you don't know of a better solution. Research on the internet, read books, join a parenting class, the list goes on.

How would you feel if every time you done wrong someone pulled your pants down and spanked your butt, you wouldnt like it, would you!

My daughters are no angels, but they do come close they are aged 11 and 8. They are respectful, doing well at school, they can have fun with their friends and chat with adults. They have never run riot or thrown tantrums, when they got close we talked it through, had time out, removed toys but best of all they decide the punishment to fit the crime. I offer choices, they tell me which best fits the wrongful doing, believe me it isnt always the easy option they choose either.

Please stop hitting your babies, you are teaching them to be violent.
Of course we have things like that here fifi.Anyway, when I have spanked my kids rear ends they know before hand why it is gonna happen.My kids also do not feel they have been treated wrongly they realize when they break the rules they will be punished wether it be a spanking or some other way but there will be conseqeunces.They also know they are very loved and I am here for all their needs.My kids are far from perfect and I never expect them to be near perfect they are to be kids.All we can do is our best and hope that at least some will stick with them so they can make good choices in the future.I have nothing at all against parenting classes I have never taken any,but I have accepted good wisdom from others who have raised their children and I do check out things online.

I too was spanked as a child it would of worked great IMHO had I not been verbally abused.There are MUCH harsher punishments out there then a few swats on the rearend and some there is no physical contact whatsoever

so please stop telling parents who spank that they do not love or go the distance for their kids (that is basicaly what is being said here) pure bologna
Sadly yesterday we had to spank all 3 of our kids due to theft from my wifes purse which was found in the twins bedroom,the twins blamed each other and the youngest,the youngest said it wasnt him and blamed the twins saying it was in there bedroom
we decided to ground them all for 1 week but told them if the one who took it owned up we would listen to the reason why before deciding on a punishment,thus the other 2 would be ungrounded and for being honest we would just punish the offender and there would be no grounding,but no-one came forward to own up,they just said it wasnt them
at this point they grounding went up to 2 weeks and they all went to there rooms
we knew we had to do something so after ringing family and friends was advised that a spanking had to be given to all then double the grounding
all 3 were advised that a servere slippering was going to be given to all of them unless the thief owned up and once the punishment started it would be finished even if the offender said it was them,again no-one owned up
my wife took the youngest into the room and after taking his pants down and putting him over her knee she spanked his bare bottom very hard
i took our 8 yr old son into the kitchen after telling our daughter to stand in the hallway and wait,and spanked his bare bottom over my knee until it was red raw,by the time i had finished with our son my wife was spanking our daughter as our youngest was screaming in his bedroom
when all 3 had been serverely spanked and in there bedrooms crying loudly we tried to reflect the further punishment of grounding and decided that a 1 month grounding in the house,no treats for 1 week,2 parties they were due to go to in feb cancelled,the monthly trip to the cinema cancelled,all of these subject to the 1 who did it owning up
at bedtime last night the twins settled down in bed and the youngest after being in bed 1 hr came downstairs and asked if he could tell us why he took it ,he then told us that a new friend had told him if he wanted to keep playing with him he had to give him some money,we complimented him for owning up and told him that we would think about his further punishment if any and let him know later
this morning at breakfast we told the kids that they were all let off grounding, a 1 week no treat ban was still in force,the youngest was banned from the 1st party but could go to the 2nd the twins could go to both,the monthly cinema trip was still in force but we would monitor it weekly depending on if they were good
the youngest is to be subjected every other day for a week to a spanking so he never does this again without telling us 1st
the child who told him to do it,we spoke to his mother this morning who assured us that he would get a servere spanking when he got home from school and my wife is to go to the house to confront him about it incase he denies it
this evening our youngest will be given his 1st spanking,i hope he learns?
First of all, i just want to point out that the quote "Spare the rod, spoil the child" has been taking verym uch out of context. The rod they are referring to is disipline. Not a stick or a hand. It should be quoted "Spare the disipline, spoil the child". I think we can all agree to that.

I am expecting my first child, but i decided years ago that i would do my best to find alternate means of disipline for my children. I was never spanked as a child, and dont think it is always neccessary.

On that note, i also do not consider spanking the same as hitting. Spanking is a form of punishment, and if done correctly, should not truly inflict pain. Hitting, to me, sounds as something done in resource; a result of anger. I dont think most of these mothers would ever hit their child, but spanking is very different.

I also do not think that we can say that the U.K. is further advanced than the U.S. It seems to me that when they discover something it is immediatly put into place, whereas in America we choose to do more research before accepting something as fact. There are no scientific findings to date that suggest that spanking is harmful to a child. As well, there are no scientific findings to suggest that other forms of disipline are better.

However, there are findings that say that aggression is always learned. So a 2 year old that hits someone else learned that act from someone else. Of course, it could have learned hitting from tv, parents, friends, or a multitude or other places.

Every child is different, and responds to different forms of disipline. My mother ran a small child care for a few years when i was young. Time-outs worked for 5 of the 7 children. The other 2 were brothers, and just didnt respond to it.
ok i can agree with you that an adults punishment compared to a childs needs to differ and that a childs mentality is different than an adult. children are not capable of making major decisions for themselfs and therefore need adult guidence. but i think that only makes my point stronger. what kind of example is it to a child to say if you make a mistake i am going to hit you. as i stated before in my opinion hitting is hitting no matter where it is done on the body. and if a child is being "spanked" at home how can you seriously tell that child not to hit someone else. do as i say not as i do? im sorry but hitting a child is wrong.

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