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[I][B]Well, another day and the neighbors still feel they are above the law and think they can do what they want. They still have the sicko pervert next door everyday, even after the detective and the police told them to keep him away.
At least at first they kept him in the house, now he sits on the front porch with the adults while everyone laughs every time my son and I step out of our house. It is very aggravating! Although, every day, I get out my camcorder and record him over there going closeups on his face, all with date and time stamps. It may just help our case a little to show how they think they do not have to abide by the law.
My little guy is still quite agitated most of the time, I have to keep him looped up on his tranquilizers, which I hate doing. I hate giving those damn things to him, but he gets so self-destructive and there is nothing else I can do, and they barely help anyway. He goes in for a med check on Monday and I may see if there is something else we can give him instead.
Well, just wanted to keep you all updated.
Take care,

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