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[COLOR=Red][FONT=Comic Sans MS]This is my 3rd attempt to writing this...I keep getting interupted and end up clicking the wrong button or get kicked goes again...

I have a 15 yr. old daughter...she is a beautiful girl...not just because she's my daughter either...but she sometimes acts alot older than she really is. She's dating an 18 yr. old also. Now we (hubby & I) like this boy...he just graduated with honors and will going off to college soon...he wants to be something having to do with science...I forget...but he has a good head on his shoulders. I recently found out that he took my daughters purity away and that really upset me because I felt that she is TOO young to be doing this. Now we recently found out that he took her to planned parenthood and they put her on a birth control pill...without my knowledge or permission...this really pisses me off too. Since we've allowed her to date this boy her behavior has changed alot...her attitude has changed alot...she talks nasty to us and treats us bad at's just not the girl we've been bringing up. Anyways...we got into a physical fight this past weekend and I was the one that got hurt...I have bruises and bumps all over because I didn't want to hurt her...I could have really done some damage if I let loose on her but I didn't. I called the police and meanwhile her boyfriend shows up in my driveway and is like gonna take her away...I told him to leave if he didn't want to get arrested for "rape" know what I'm talking about...he left and then the police showed up and she was nasty and mouthy with him...she ended up locking herself in the bathroom and took over 40 pills and when we finally got in, he handcuffed her and took her to the hospital...I was in the car also and hubby was following behind...they ended up pumping her stomach and putting a tube down her nose and she was so nasty and mouthy with the Dr.s and nurses they felt that she was a threat to herself and sent her to a mental hospital...I ended up getting her out the next day...not sure if I should have or not...she probably needed a lesson to be learned here but it was killing me to see my daughter go thru this...anyways after we got her home we sat with her for over 2 hours and discussed everything and felt we came to a conclusion...We also discussed this with her boyfriend and laid down the law with him...let him know that I was not pleased with what happened and that I still can have him arrested if I feel something's wrong or whatever...I told him about the rules in this house and if he didn't want to abide by them then he was to leave...he agreed and we went on with the night. What really pisses me off is my neighbors...All of our neighbors are the worst ever...they're 2 faced back stabbing people that we don't associate with. They have hurt us in 1 way or another thru out the time we've lived here...which is 15 yrs. Longer than them...they've broken some of our belongings and stolen from our property and thought nothing of it. One of these ignorant peoples called the mother of my sons old girlfriend and found it necessary to start spreading rumors about the incedent...(we're still very close with my son's old girlfriend.) What bothers me is the fact that she had to do this...why? What business is it of hers what goes on in my house? And who does she think she is to call other people up and tell stories? Is there anything I can do about this? It really makes me mad. And I know I should just let it go and be the bigger person but I want her to know that I don't appreciate her butting her nose in my families business. I want to press charges or something...what can I do or what should I do? :confused:[/FONT][/COLOR]
hi doe. having a rough time of it, eh? i don't know if i have any actual advice for you, although i don't think i would allow my kid to keep dating this boy. he may seem like a good kid, but obviously he's not having a very good effect on your daughter. but you never know. as far as her behavior goes, maybe she's acting out in response to her boyfriend going off to college. the odds that their relationship will remain solid are pretty slim when he's in a new environment, his high school girlfriend likely won't be very cool to his collegiate peers, esp at prom time and so on, plus there will be tons of 'new blood' at school, new experiences and such that she will not be able to participate in.

as for your neighbor, i don't think there's anything you can do there, legally. there aren't any laws against being nosy and gossipy, as far as i know. might double check the patriot act. *lol* really, it's none of their business, but when the police get involved and there's a big scene it can be fairly irresistable for some people, esp nosy neighbors. i'd suggest trying to conduct your private affairs quietly and indoors, away from prying eyes. set the story straight with the people who matter to you. that's pretty much all you can do.

frankly, i'd be more concerned about my daughter than what the neighbors were saying. they can go to hell, who cares, but you're stuck with that kid! my guess is that things will most likely settle down when her boyfriend goes off to college, but i don't think that i would wait for that. you should think about ending things right away. 15 is too young for physical love, although i hafta give the kid props for going to planned parenthood, that does demonstrate a degree of maturity and forethought and that, itself, shouldnt' be punished. but she went with her boyfriend, and told you nothing about it so she trusts an 18 yo kid more than her own parents, not good. not uncommon either.

if you have access to a family therapist, you might consult with him or her. i'll tell you this, my parents caught me having sex as a teenager (not actually in the act), that boy was forever banished and i was seriously grounded for a good, looooooong time. it was about a year before i spent a night at a friend's house again, and i couldn't get rides home from school, or choir, or cheerleading practice or nuthin. i did get straight A's though, so it wasn't all bad. *l*

being a teenager totally sucks. every little thing is like the end of the world, it all matters so much, then we go away to college and all that garbage falls away somehow. it will for your daughter too, just make sure she makes it into college and doesn't get left behind. school is the most important thing, and family. not boys, or friends or whatever stupid things stupid people say. good luck doe, and take care, ali
There both young and think they are in love. remember when? This is a very hard age. I'm sure your daughter feels shes in love and she did give him her virginity. Her emotions are running on over load at this age. Yhe damage is done they are being adult about it taking precations to prevent a unwanted pregnancy.I do hope they are also being aware of STDS aids ect!
Its so hard to sit by and watch a teen trying to grow up to fast. But obviously trying to prevent her from seeing him was and would be putting her to again doing something harmfull to herself.
By allowing her to see him manytimes results in these young romances petering out. With him going away to college and her at home. I bet you will find these long distance romances not working out for to long.He will be involved with new friends at college and your daughter will be busy with kids her own age at HS.
Im sorry about the neighbor not much you can do about this.
Good Luck

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