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I think "tough love" is the answer in your case. Your daughter doesn't feel she has to really make any changes in her life because she hasn't hit bottom yet. She knows that you'll be there to catch her, provide a home to live in, food to eat, etc. As long as she has all of this she isn't going to change her life for the better. Just out of curiosity, where is she getting the money for the drugs if she doesn't have a job?

My uncle started using drugs and became an alcoholic when he was still in his teens. His parents constantly gave him chances to straighten himself out but he never did. Finally he was kicked out of the house and everybody turned their backs on him. He later said that was just the push he needed to get some help and sort his life out. He checked into rehab and has been clean for over 20 years now..steady job, happy marriage, own house..he has everything he could want.

In the end this may be what you'll need to do with your daughter. Ignoring her problem won't help anything or anyone. She'll just continue to be aimless through her life and never accomplish anything and I'm sure you want more for her out of life than that.

You take care.

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