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Everyone has a different style of disiplining their children, so what works for YOU? Not only does everyone have a different style, every child requires different forms, IMO. Children are all so different. I use a combination of verbal warnings, time out, and spanking, in that order. Along with rewards for good behavior, and taking away priveliges. (Like taking him inside when he's outside for not listening since he loves being outside so much.)

If you have more then one child, does the same tactics work for each child? My DD is too young, but I can tell she will probably be easier than my son. Therefore, I will use what works with her.

Does the punishment depend on the crime? absolutely.

Do you ever regret a form of disipline, too soft/tough?Do you let your child know you regret it, or stick with it to the end anyway? Yes, there have been times when I have regretted being too tough, or I have punished him for doing something that I thought was wrong when I didn't know what he was doing. Like yesterday, he kept going into the neigbors yard and I thought he was just trying to take his toys. So I made him sit down. Then he went back over there and I went back to get him and realized that HIS ball was in the neigbors yard. I felt bad. I told him "Mommy's sorry. I make mistakes sometimes." And explained to him that I thought he was doing something he knew he wasn't supposed to do, but I was wrong. I think if you make a mistake, you have to admit to it.

Are you and your SO on the same page with disipline? Absolutely. Sometimes he has too little patience for my taste, though.

What do you do when your child resists punishment/disipline? Spank him with 1-2 licks on the butt/upper thigh, then strap him in his highchair and put him in the corner. This approach has worked wonders to get him to comply with time out!

Are you happy with the way you disipline your children? Would you change anything? I'm happy so far. I think I would change some things, like I think I expected too much of him at too young of an age. He started walking at 9 months, and by 11 months was into EVERYTHING. I think I just expected too much of him at that age and he didn't really understand. I would get so frustrated because he didn't "listen" and he was SOOOO high energy. I didn't spank at that age, but I'd often toss him in his crib or put him in the highchair. I think I told him "No" too much too at that age, rather than finding alternatives. I know I won't make that mistake with my DD.

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