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Hmm. He's just used to sleeping with you. Perhaps you can persuade him into sleeping in his own bed, by getting him a nightlight, and making him feel confortable, rather than scared. Maybe read a story to him before bedtime, if he likes stories. Perhaps he could sleep with a favorite stuffed-animal, or your pet. ( Dog, cat, etc. ) and feel confortable. Just give it time. Things like nightlights and all might make him feel more confortable though. :) Hey, I'm only 15 ( almost ) so I'm just 'trying' to give advice. Sorry if it's not the best... but I think it's good enough, because I know that if I were 2 and had a nightlight or toy to sleep with, I'd feel fine.
Isn't it wonderful how we can see our huge mistakes, only after we make them? With our son we let him begin sleeping with us when he was sick, but then he did not want to stop. We had to gradually change it back to the way it had been (him in his own bed). We did a lot of glorifying his "big boy bed". We told him it was his very own bed made just for him and how his bed missed him when he was away. We also for a short time had a special gift waiting for him, after a night spent in his own bed. We would let him pick a toy from a grab bag (we used very small inexpensive toys and even recycled them). After a while it was the norm to sleep in his bed. Hope this helps....

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