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Thanks for all your advice...Just went to the races Sunday, went so so...At first it start off that we drove together and soon as we got into the car the little girl said to my son i can't play with you today because i will be to busy playing with other kids..To me that was rude and if that was my son i would have made him corrected that, the mother did not...My son said nothing back he just ignored her..
Then we were watching our husbands racing, my son went over to the little girl to try to play with her, she told him to get away from her, the mothers reply was she is tired...Then when she decided she wanted to play with my son he told her to get away from him, i think only because that's what she said to him..Then the mother told her daughter to stay away from him, not to talk to him and not to look at him..I was getting furious at her remarks how immature..About twenty minutes later everything was fine and the kids were back playing together...The mother then says to me the kids must be tired today, that's why they are fighting..My only reply that i could say was i couldn't lower myself to get into a kid fight, if the kids are going to argue, i'm not going to get involved into a kids fight unless they are physically hurting each other because in about five minutes they are going to be friends again so what the point...Unless the parents get involved i wont let my child be treat badly..
Around noon we went to have lunch by the picnic tables there are new fences that was just installed...My son and this little girl were pulling on them so i told them to stop it, can you believe she looked at me and smiled and kept doing what she was doing...I told her to knock it off the second time and she shook her head at me, that's when her mom actually stepped in and told her to stop and she did(imagine that)..This for me is becoming stressful and irrating..
Here's another one on the way back home she was so quick to notice that my oldest son was teasing my youngest son so he was doing some name calling and they started to fight..She quickly pointed out how they were acting...Hey i'm not saying my kids are perfect but i do correct them and discipline them when needed..I would love to tell her to look at your own backyard before judging or opening your mouth about anyone elses family...I'm only nice for my husband but i'm running on a very short fuse...Thanks

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