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Need some advice on my thirteeen soon to be fourteen year old son...Now i know that girls at that age through emotions and their period..What she i expect from a boy at this age?
Here's the problem, my son is a very smart kid was in all advance classes two years ago,he was kicked out for not doing his homework...Now i've tried to stay on top of the whole homework situation but he seems to not do his homework, lie to me that it's done..When it comes to test time he gets into the 90's..Last year he was the only child out of his grade to get a 99 on his final math exam...My son doesn't not even study even though he says he does through study hall..I so push the education and totally expect more out of him because i know that he can do it..His grades are in the low 80's and the high70's only because he is missing homework assignments which is a good part of your grade..How can i make him under stand how important it is to do his homework??Right now he is grounded because of this, which is really bothering him since he can not go any where to hang out with his friends..He has been staying after school to try to make for what he has missed..But again he did this last year and went right back to the same routine..He is a very popular kid in school so his social life means alot to him and he seems to put his social ahead of school..He talks all the time about going to a good college but the grades are so important..

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