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Those toddlers bed are a waste of money, in my opinion. They aren't in them very long at all. I say, just go right for the twin bed with bedrails, if you choose to use them. My first daughter was moved at 23 months because we had another baby on the way. My second daughter didn't climb out, nor were we expecting another child, but 2 1/2 seemed like a good age. With both girls we put a baby gate at their bedroom door the first night they transitioned to the bed. That way they knew once they were in bed they were to stay there. Also, if they do get up while the parents are still sleeping, you know they are safely in their room (trusting that it is baby-proofed) and not wondering the house. We had hardly any issues with getting up because of the gate. Of course we talked the big bed up too, so it was very exciting for them.

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