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My niece was two in September and my sister is thinking about a toddler bed or a twin bed for her because she jumps up and down in the crib something awful. She also strips her clothes off and the bed! ha ha
Just curious what is the norm.
We switched to a toddler bed when my son was 22-23 months (don't remember) he is 2 now. He figured out how to climb out of the crib so we had to. I don't think there is any hurry. Some moms do it at 18 months some at 3 1/3. The norm is around 2-2 1/2 I would think. You do loose that safe place to put them if needed though. Plus they can get up and out of bed anytime, which make night time a little more challenging.
I agree. The transition from crib to bed is certainly more challenging. I switched my dd to a big bed when she was 2. We bought her a twin size. Not one of those toddler beds. We bought bed rails to keep her from falling out. Bedtimes were not fun in the beginning...but like all things, this got better as time went on. She rarely gets out of bed now. (3 years). My dd actually never tried climbing out of her crib...we switched her because we had a new baby coming and we need the crib. However, had we not had our ds, we would have switched her anyway. :)

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