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I"m looking for advice, or anyone who can empathize with me. My 18 month old son has stopped sleeping! He goes to bed every night around 8...and goes to bed just fine. I put him down awake and he plays around, talks to himself and goes to sleep just fine on his own. But he's only sleeping about 4-6 hours then he's awake and crying.

I thought he was going through a separation anxiety thing...but even if I go get him and lay down with him he refuses to go back to sleep. We've tried letting him cry it out...(which we did initially when he was younger to get him "trained"...and it worked wonderfully), but he'll cry non-stop...for hours...or he'll cry for a long time...then be quite for about 40-50 minutes and then start crying again. I would think if he was really tired, if he cried himself to sleep that he would staying sleeping...not wake up again within an hour.

He normally naps 2 ours a day...usually 11-1, sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter. Then sometimes he will fight a nap..even after having only slept for 6 hours the night before...he just goes and goes and goes...and won't even sit long enough to look at a book...which he usually loves to do.

I had hope this was a phase...or a growth spurt...or a teething thing...but we've started our 3 week of this now...seems a little long for any of those things.

Does anyone have a similar story? or suggestions for a completely exhausted mom and dad??


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