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I will tell you my situation that worked AMAZINGLY for me and changed mine and my babies life forever....well, his sleeping habits anyways!!!!!!!!

My son, who is 18mos now was exactly the same as you explain your daughter to be, even the exact same nap times and how she will only nap in her swing cause my son was the same way........when he was 9-10mos i baught some books on sleep.....even joined the amazing forum for new parents and just for advice....i tried everything the books say to do.....i came to the conclusion that i had to do what i thought was right for me and my child, and that was CIO....letting him cry it changed EVERYTHING...

of course it was SOOO hard to hear him cry the first night, he cried for about 15 mins, it was the longest 15 minutes of my life, but i stuck to it.....i had too!!!
the second night, same thing.....i made sure he was changed, bathed and fed....put him in his crib, talked to him for a few mins and left the room....he was fine for a few mins then he started to cry......15 minutes again....i stood outside his room DYING to go in and get him but i knew now that he just wanted me to go in....i didnt.....
day 3.....same routine......instead of crying he whined...and only for about 10 mins.....he was asleep....

by night 5 i was in COMPLETE shock, i literally put him in his crib, walked out....went to get a drink and when i came back he was out cold....this went on every single day leading up til now...i am sooo glad i did the whole CIO.

as for naps.....i just recently in the last 2 months cut his naps down from 2 to he naps at 12:30-2:30....and then bed time at 7:00....sleeps til 7am.

when he was still napping 2 times, i did the whole CIO during bed time and nap time all at cant do them one at a time....if your gonna do CIO, you have to do it together...bed time and nap only confuses them!!!

NOW.....I just had ANOTHER baby 5 months ago, and he is the TOTAL opposite of my 18mos old....he has been a wonderful sleeper since birth...he already sleeps through the night and has done since he was 3 weeks old....i dont think i will ever have to do the CIO with him, but if i had to, I DEF only problem with my 5mos old is that he naps in his swing still but bed time, all i do is lay him in his crib and hes asleep with NO crying at all.....

Keep in mind, that just because CIO worked for me, doesnt mean it will work for you....its not for every child.....some babies cry uncontrollably, some dont cry at friend did this with her baby, and for the first 2 weeks, she screamed her head off everynight for over 30 she sleeps like a champ!!!!

If you decide to try this with your baby and you find shes crying to the point that YOU cant take it anymore.....go in and console her, settle her down then try again....only do it once tho....cause if you do it to much, it will become a routine ("if i cry, mommy will come").....

anyways, thats just my experience with CIO (crying it out)
let me know how it goes!! and if you have any questions, let me know!


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