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Ok just to let you know the situation... I have been baby sitting a 5 month old for the past couple months everyday all day. I have one child of my own i stay home with. There have been problems since the beggining.. Unscheduled visits without calling and then sitting here forever to watch the baby sleep! They are also extremely paranoid and seem to have a problem with me leaving the house with the baby to run errands or whatever. I am home pretty much all the time and dont go out unless I have too cuz my son is barely 2 and it is too hard to deal with both of them. They dont have a stroller for the carrier and I have asked them why they don't have one and explained we can't even go for a walk or anything cuz the carrier is so heavy by itself and then dealing with a 2 year old who sometimes chooses not to walk on his own! So yeah there have been some issues.

Last week they called me and told me the grandma passed away and they were going out of state for the weekend plus monday and tuesday for the funeral. I was under the assumption I would watch the baby on wednesday (yesterday). Well they called me Tuesday night saying they were back and brought a neice back with them who could watch the baby the rest of the week while the wife took exams for school. They said they were out of diapers and needed his blankets ect.. that were at my place and wanted to give me my check for last week. They were supposed to come over that night and get the stuff but called saying they were busy and could come over the next night (last night). Well they never called or came and thats when we realized we were close to being completely out of money and had bills to pay and I needed that check ASAP. I called last night and left a message asking for my check.

Well this morning he calls from work saying he got my message and would try and see if he could drop it off at lunch time but he didn't think he could. He said they would definately come over tonight to get the stuff anyways. So I was really feeling ill this morning and spent most of the morning on the couch. Finally I realized I needed a hot shower to try and feel better. I took it an hour before lunch time and bathed my son at the same time. When I got out of the shower I checked the phone and nobody called. I proceded to get my son ready for the day and realized his brand new package of diapers were missing (my husband bought them last night and used one when he put my son to bed.) I called my husband asking where they were and he said they were right where he left them the previous night right by the changing table in my son's room. I tore the room apart searching and it wasn't there. I searched the whole house (which is tiny by the way) and no diapers to be found. My husband came home helped me search and we were both baffled. I said someone must have come in here and stole them (1/2 joking!). Finally I got very suspicious and realized that my door wasn't locked at all the whole day. To make things stranger they haven't come by to give me my check, get their belongings, plus they haven't returned my phone call. Now my husband and I think they came in here when I was in the shower took the diapers (thinking it was their package) and left since they said they were out of diapers. I don't know what is going on but it is almost too crazy to believbe someone would come in and grab a package of diapers upstairs when I was in the shower. I also think it is strange i don't have my check when they know I need it. Oh and they live in my neighborhood by the way.. But the package of diapers are still missing and my husband says they must have been taken too. Any ideas!?!

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