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[COLOR=DarkRed]My daughter, almost 3 1/2 refuse to poop in the potty. Peeing in the potty is not a problem. I've tried everything--ignoring it, not talking about it, promises of rewards to her favoroite place--Chuck E Cheese, promise of a spoon of whip cream(she absolutley loves whip cream--she hasn't had this treat since the summer), and promise to play with 2 new toys(they've been sitting in her closet since October). I even promised to give her money!

Nothing works. She will say to me, "When I go poop in the potty, then I can go to Chuck E Cheese or then I can have whip cream?" or whatever I've promised her. She poops in her big girl pants, big girl underwear and pullups if she has them on. She only wears pullups at night. She wants to go to dance lessons and she knows they won't take her until she's potty trained--that doesn't work either.

She will even attempt to clean it or hide it from me. [/COLOR]
What should I do???? Help, I'm at my wits end. :confused:

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