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My daughter has been in her "big girl" bed for about 3 or 4 months now and the transition from her crib seemed rather easy at first.
she has never been a GOOD sleeper, infact I can count on one hand the number of times that she has actually slept through the night. But now the problem lies in the fact that she will sleep like a log as long as she is in Mommy's bed. I can deal with this anymore as she is a very restless sleeper and I get no sleep (not to mention it is not good for her to become so dependant on me for her sleep).
Last night I decided that she is going to sleep in her own bed from now on and of course I expected a fight about it. I have heard that you should just keep taking her back to bed saying nothing to her and repeat the process as many times as needed. Well I took her back to bed 150 times last night. (I counted because I was curious to see how many times it would take, and I am sure she could have went another 150 times at least)
At that point I had no patience left and I just let her get up and she fell asleep on the couch and then I put her to bed where she stayed for about 4 hours and then came into my room. Because I refuse to let her sleep in my bed anymore she curls up on the little blow up mattress that I put on the floor of my room for her.
I am at my wits end. I don't know what else to do to get her to understand that she is too big to sleep with Mommy anymore.
I have tried positive reinforcement (I made her a sticker chart for the times she stays in her bed, it worked the first time but the excitement seems to have worn off.)
Last night she was crying and screaming when I kept putting her back to bed but there were no tears at all so I know it is just a power struggle and she is winning!!

PLEASE, if you have any advice that may help me convince her to stay in her own room I would appreciate it. I am a single Mom and I am just short of losing my mind over this.

Thanks for listening!

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