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Re: My baby girl
Mar 20, 2006
When I 1st wrote this I thought I was writing to a woman. So I guess you could just pass these words along.

Like magic said, take turns in the night getting the baby. Pump milk if you're nursing so that your hubby can help with some feedings and you can get much needed sleep. We would take 4 hour shifts at night. That way the other person knew they could get atleast 4 straight hours of sleep. It's not a lot, but it's better than nothing.

Remember that you are human and it is normal to get upset with the little one. If you feel yourself getting stressed out and ready to snap, put the baby in the crib and walk away for a minute. It may sound scary, but it's most likely to happen (no sleep, screaming child, everything different than it used to be, it can be very rough at times) Your baby will be fine if they are crying for a few minutes. I always remember that no baby every exploded from crying for a few minutes (though it seems like they might :) )

Get out of the house EVERY DAY without the baby. I know this is very hard in the beginning, but you really need to do it. Even if it's just a walk around the block or a quick trip to the store. It doesn't mean you don't love your baby to feel the need to get out and away. It's really important for your mental health.

Ask for help! Don't try to do everything yourself. Take any help that is offered. And don't worry about your house being messy for a while. Make friends with other new moms, thery won't mind your house being messy :)

The most important thing is taking care of you and the baby. Everything else can wait for a while.

And like the other poster said, savor the quiet times when you are rocking in the chair feeding your little baby. They do not stay little for very long.

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