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It's also common with some Asperger's children to be "angels" at school. I'm one of them. This is because they feel that they can be free to express their true inner anxieties at home with their mother, the only one they feel understands them. It's also a matter of pent-up frustrations from school: after dealing with idiotic kids, annoying sounds, and difficult assignments they can't understand because they think differently, they tend to just explode once they walk in the door. My school day hasn't finished yet, and I'm already ready to burst into tears of frustration, and know I will the minute I get to my dorm room... I'd be concerned about the "don't let me die" thing. This sounds like a definite anxiety problem, possibly an obsession or phobia, and shouldn't be dismissed as manipulation. If she constantly screams this along with "take care of me," it certainly sounds more of a fear of neglect and abandonment rather than trying to get her own way...

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