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on the one hand...stay strong...cause "this too shall pass".... remembering that has gotten me thru some tough times!

I have friends with toddlers, who run all over them... I believe soooo strongly that it starts when they're small...when that 1 year old reaches up and smacks you in the face, you do NOT tolerate it...they have to learn very young who's the boss.

Of course, that's all hindsight...

I told my oldest boys once, that I don't care how big they get, if they ever mouth off or are disrespectful, I would jump up and smack em if i had to.... my "troublesome" teen, who is almost 18 now...has failed school, tried drugs, etc...but by some irony, never been disrepsectful, never talked back, etc. My current 14 year old can be a lil sarcastic under his breath, but is never overtly disrespectful..maybe I've been lucky so far in that aspect of things.

What do you do when he's disrespectful? And if it's not working, what other things can you try? I sometimes ask myself... why do we sometimes let our loved ones treat us in ways we wouldn't tolerate from strangers?

I think your son will mature a lot in the next couple years... we saw that with our oldest, 14-16 was the worst..he was very self destructive... but by 16, he started coming out of the fog a bit.

I think if they find a loophole, they're gonna go for it..especially if its worked for them in the past. Maybe you and your husband could get together and make an agreement that you have to talk to each other before letting him go here or there, so he can't pit you against each other? And maybe you could come up with a rule for how to deal with your son when he talks back to you.

An off the wall punishment I came up with once...that worked so well, my oldest still talks about it, was... when he did things he shouldnt, in his case, I found some marijuana in his room....... he lost the PRIVLEGE of having a bedroom door. Man he was livid... and it took him a while, but he learned that this was OUR house, and our rules abide, and that privacy is a privelge, not a right...

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