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Ahh the 3 year old. I've got a little girl myself. She goes from Ms. Independent, go away I can do it myself to Mommy help me goo goo in an instant. I love this age, they can hold conversations with you and love to learn and experience new things.

For potty training, I did the panty thing. I let her pick out her own pack of panties and I bought a pack of rubber pants to go over them. When she wet them it wasn't so messy that way. When she had an accident I didn't make a big deal out of it. I just said oh well, next time we'll just try to make it to the potty right. She would say yep. After a couple of weeks of being uncomfortable in wet panties she was fully trained. She did this at about 2 and a half. She just turned 3 and I still put a pull up on her for bed because I don't think her little bladder is mature enough yet to make it thru a whole night. But if we with hold water or drinks for an hour before bedtime she sometimes wakes up dry and I make a big production of it.

The pacifier. Neither of my kids had one after 6 months but my sister had one of her sons who would not give his up until he was almost 4. What she did was tell him that the pacifier fairy was in the neighborhood and looking for pacifiers for babies and that for every pacifier she found she would leave a present. My nephew gathered up 4 pacifiers and put them under his pillow and my sister put 4 little toys on his dresser that night. He was so excited and proud of himself. It worked like a charm.

ABC and 123 We bought our kids those leap frogs things. I think they really helped. When our daughter came along they now have this leap frog thing that goes on the fridge. It's so great, it's letters and it sings the alphabet and it tells the child what sounds each letter makes. My daughter was singing her alphabet very early on because of that. I think it's called Fridge Phonics. The counting we just kept counting with the kids. When we go out we count trees or buildings or cars or people.

As for Grandma, I think your little one knows that Granny's don't last forever and she's squeezing in some special memories. Take pictures and video of her with Granny so she can have those special moments to remember the love she had for Granny and the love Granny had for her. My Grandma died when my son was 9 and my daughter was 8 months. But I took picture after picture and videoed all their times together to show them how special they were to their Nite-Nite (that was her special nick name).

Good luck and enjoy her now because it goes by so darn fast. :angel:

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