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That makes alot of sense. Although there is not an older sibling here with her,we have never baby talked to her. & Now that you have mentioned this....she does seem to treat the few kids her age that she is around like they are too silly for her. She would much rather be at the "adult table". I will definately try your suggestion.

This sounds much better than what I thought the underlying problem is. She seems to fit the profile of a child with selective mutism. A mild case of it anyway. Jus tthe way she turns into a whole other child when she is put into anytype of controlled environment with other kids. Such as MDO, dance, birthday party activities, etc.

I know this sounds a bit extreme, but I am going to give her some time and see if she can relax a little around other children over the summer.

Thankyou so much for you advice. We will for sure give it a try.


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