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Have you tried spanking him at all? By all means, don't let anyone tell you that spanking is child abuse. Most of the time, children don't understand the value of words or benign actions, which is why if you put them in time-out or say, "Please don't do that, sweetie", they won't listen. It's like when you try to tell a child not to touch a hot can tell and tell and tell until you're blue in the face not to touch the stove because it's hot and it will hurt...but the child will go and touch it anyway, and then they learn the hard way not to touch the stove.

Seriously, reasoning with children, or the whole "gentle discipline" thing yield little results, because, as said, children value words very little. Sometimes, you need to physically show them that misbehaving is unacceptable, and you may need to do that with a firm hand across their little behinds. And no, locking the child in a room for misbehaving isn't cruel - one can only hope a few minutes of boredom will drive the kid nuts enough to make them behave, but sometimes it doesn't work, and the child will continue to wail, be destructive, etc.

Has your son been diagnosed with anything, like autism or Asperger's? If not, or you do not suspect any mental conditions, I strongly advocate giving him a firm tanning of his hide to encourage better behavior - once he learns to associate his bad behavior with pain, he'll hopefully learn to not do it anymore. Don't be afraid to use a little corporal punishment.

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