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we have a 12 yr old boy and he is a good kid but lately he hasnt been himself it seems. He has always been an honour student without trying and one of the most popular "cool" kids in school but this yr has been horrible!!! he goes into jr. high next yr and we threatened him with military school or something in that range if the constant calls dont stop from his school due to him misbehaving! instead we thought we would give him a yr at the new jr. high since the "bad" group of boys he hangs out with arent going there. we also got him into the over acheivers class....should say we did!!! we figured out today he has been on purposely sabotaging his exams and school work so he wont get into the program!!! he is moody, does naughty things when we arent around, is VERY VERY lazy i mean more than a normal 12 yr old!!! he doesnt speak to us when we try to talk to him to see whats bugging him. He seems happy for the most part but just wants to do as little with his life as possible which is a shame. he isnt a criminal or doing terrbile things but we think he has tried smoking, he bragged about smoking pot but we really dont think he has and his notes to friends, which he doesnt hide!!! are so frightening to read(swears, vulgar language ect...)!! i couldnt even go into that as it seemed he was writing to sound cool and he really isnt that kind of child around us!well today was the last straw this may sound worse than it is and im by no means defending his actions or trying to make them out to be less than they are but today he got suspened for bringing a knife to school! let me explain first! this boy who is not a very nice person picks on a lot of kids at the school and today he was beating up on my sons friend kicking him in areas below the belt! when my son told him to stop it he started punching my son to which my son produced a butter knife(yes a butter knife he had left over from his lunch in his backpack) and proceeded to move it against this boys arm! when we asked him what was going on and why he would do that he said he was sick of the kid and wanted to show him he wasnt going to put up with it anymore but didnt intend to stab him or anything like that! he has grown his hair long, thinks he seems cool and just seems to want nothing in life! but to me he is just a little kid still (barely 12) we have tried punishing he could care less we tried extra activities doesnt change a thing, extra chores he just half a$$ed them and does nothing to want to enjoy his life. he is extremely loving towards us and really is a nice kid. 2 yrs ago we told him my dh isnt his bio dad but i dont think thats really causing this but i just dont know! he ADORES my dh! sorry for the long post.

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