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I thought I had been blessed with a perfectly behaved child (how naive is that?)

My DS is 1 year old and he has been such a good baby. Since day one he liked to sleep alot (yay for me!) he wasnt a big crier only when he needed diaper changes/feedings but he wouldnt cry for every little thing. He was a cautious baby and when he started to crawl he learned he needed to stop at the edge of the bed, without once falling off! I am guilty of letting him sleep a few hours with me (very rare) and he has never refused his crib. When I split up with his dad he slep a month and half in bed with me since I had no room for a crib and the play pen made him sore. When I got an aprtment he slept in his crib again like he had never left it.

Well now hes 1 and making a complete turn around. He screams and kicks if you even look at him wrong, he hits and bites. He bites my little brother constantly and if I tell him no he will get mad and hit the other baby. My mom is deathly afraid that if she needs to take her DS to the pediatrician they will cal Social Services because he has quite a few black and blues from my DS bites (and that is with supervision!!)

What can I do to get him to stop all this bad behavior? Will I ever have my son back?

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