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Thats a good idea, thanks for replying!! I have some of those cloth training pants (not the kind with the plastic, just cotton) and its just thicker padding through there, i could try those on her and if she has an accident she will definitely get grossed out and want to go lol.I also figured out one more helpful thing today. Reverse psychology......I'll ask her if she needs to potty and her answer to EVERYTHING is nope...) so when i asked her today and she said nope i said well that's OK because i wont let you go to the potty anyway because i said no....then she was interested in it and i told her nope one more time till she almost threw a fit to go and she did it......also Ive been using the toilet paper and flushing for a "treat" if she potties. I'll let her wipe herself(of course i do it after she does to make sure she got it all lol) then I'll let her flush the toilet but ONLY if she potties....that's kinda working well. Shes not too interested in pulling up her own pull-ups. She wears diapers AND pull-ups. On the days shes not in the mood to potty at all i use diapers cuz pull-ups are sooo expensive. well thanks for the advice I'm surely gonna try it!!

Ok I got her the cloth training pants with the rubber pull over things and she can definately feel the wetness........ALSO i got her a padded DORA potty topper because she didnt like the little potty she wanted to be on the big one and the top came off the other potty and onto the big pot but it was all plastic and cold and no comfortable i'm sure.I'm doing the "reward system" also. I have a clear jar in the bathroom with candy she likes.. where she can see them but not get them and i told her every time she potties she can have some ALSO she loves to wipe herself and flush the toilet and at first the would try to go in there JUST to do that but ive made that a reward also i dont let her flush or wipe unless she was the 2nd day of me doing this and she hasnt had one accident and she tells me when she needs to go....but ofcourse i have to put a diaper on her at night but since i'm about to slowly make the milk disappear i'll have that problem solved......i also have a 3 month old to take care of so theirs ALOT of dedication on both end...Ashlyn is pretty independant but potty training takes alot because with a 3 month old its hard to remember to ask her if she needs to potty but i also know it would be sooo much easier on me if she was potty trained...would be well worth it. so this is working for me for now!!!! thanks for the advice and more suggestionsyall have i'm all ears :)

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