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Ok I have 2 questions. One is for me and one is to pass on advice to my sister. My sister and her husband have decided to seperate. They have 3 small children, 2 of which will probably not understand what is even going on. My sister asked advice on how to handle explaining this to the older child who is not even 5 yet and about how too deal with any possible problems that may arise. Does anyone have any ideas?

My question is this.. I sat an observed the way people were or are with their kids and I didn't like everything I saw but I just learned from it in anticipation of having a child myself one day. The time has come and I am a soon to be mom and when I think about my child spending time with some of the people I am around it scares me a little. My Sister-in-law and my friend offered to babysit if my husband and I needed time away from the baby. I am freaked because these 2 females have some terrible habits I don't want my baby around, like smoking and crazy driving. My sister-in-laws children are rude, always fighting one another, swearing and talking back. They eat junk food and watch whatever they please. Don't get me wrong, they are great kids, but the lack supervision and the attention they need from their Mother and they get their attention by being negative. If she does that too her kids what will happen too mine. My Mother-in-law is they type who gives in and junk food is her way of bribing the kids to behave. Of course after she gives them the junk food they ignore her anyway. My friend is full of advice and obsseses over my unborn child that she scares me! In all this mess I wonder how do you as parents keep control of your children so they know that even though Grandma or Aunty may let you or her kids get away with this or that, there are rules at home to follow?

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