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ok for the last week or so i have not bought hot dogs:rolleyes:
but didnt realize that is was the problem???
last couple of days i having been trying to figure out how to post and then today after lunch i figure it out but realized i still need information and help

my son is almost 3 feb 17, he used to be so great at eating everything except of course vegetable, but veggies he used to eat was corn , peas and that was it. loves fruit, and any kind of meat.

nope he wont eat hardly anything , he is on this granola bar trip, everyday that all he eats beside some fruit roll ups,
for the last week or so i have been fighting with him over dinner i dont get to cranky about all the munching durning the day but at dinner it time to eat a balance meal which he always did, and he always has ate a real great breakfast eggs sausage, fruit , grits in the morning. but like i said for the last week or soo we have been so much on the run cuz im expecting a baby soon that i have had to stop by fast food places for breakfast wont eat so by the time we get home and drop hubby off its about 11 or so so i just let him munch . all i hear is granola bars granola bars ahhhhhhh.

my question is do kids all of sudden get in to just eating one thing or two things??? and what do you do i know it can be healthy, and i worry about it not eating like he used to ???
and fighting with , dear goodness that is a battle i gave up last nite then i went to the grocery store and thought i have not bought hot dogs in a while and boy he ate three whole hot dogs, ate like he hasnt ate in a week :dizzy: :rolleyes: what the the heck....
any advice or anything would help

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