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Now this is just my opinion but I would contact the health visitors. I am a mother to a fantastic 15 month old little girl and I wouldn't dream of treating her like this. I'm not saying that this mother is fact I think she should be checked for depression. Sometimes PPD doesn't show up until more than a year after a child's birth. The fact that she locks her kids in their room and doesn't give them lunch really concerns me. Toddlers of that age need to eat little and often to sustain their energy and grow/develop.

How cares if contacting someone "opens a can of worms"?? The childrens' welfare is much more important.

Take care and keep us posted.
I have two children who are much older- daughter-17 and son 12, and when they were infants & toddlers I deffinately didn't do things like your friend is doing. Children that age really should not be left unsupervised, and they deffinately don't need to have lunch kept from them. And if I understood you correctly, they leave those children alone and locked in a room while they go work at the other house at night? That is totally neglectful at the very least.

I am not saying your friend is a bad person or that she doesn't love her children, but her parenting skills are horrible. You have spoken with her about this and she sees nothing wrong with it, but I'm sure the health visitor would see something wrong with it. Please, for the sake of those children, call the health visitor and explain your concerns.

I hate to think of any child being locked in a room to keep themselves occupied while mom sleeps in until 10 am, and then left totally alone with no supervision, and also going without proper nutrition. Oh, it breaks my heart!!

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