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My daughter is 3 years old. Have been potty training her off and on since before 2. Just now started back doing it every hour to 2 hours. She will pee everytime I take her but she will not tell me she has to go. Wakes up every morning dry. She will not tell me when she needs to poop either. She will go hide then come back and tell me to change her. I have tried rewards, candy, etc. You name it. She loves Dora, so right now I have Dora stickers hanging on my bathroom wall and I told her when she poops she have them. When she pees I will give her stickers also but not the Dora one's.
oh my gosh!! It's my son reincarnated. We started trying around age 2 and did it on and off for quite awhile. We tried pullups and even undies. Nothing worked. We did the 1-2hr gig, same thing, would go but not tell us any other time. It got to the point where even the sight of the potty put my son into hysterics. We got int screaming matches, he even began hitting. I got to the point that I would have him sit in the potty on the floor or stool until he decided to go. Then, for some freaky reason,3wks before his 4th b-day, he decided he did not want to wear a diaper or pullup to bed. (He hadn't wet at night for several months) I said fine because I did not feel like fighting anymore. He remained dry.. In the a.m., he decided not to wear one to camp and once again, said fine. Threw in a bunch of pnts and undies and sent him on his way. Since that day, we have had 3 accidents during the day. It has now been4 mths.

I learned that the best thing to do is to sit back, relax, and your daughter will soon grasp the idea. Just give her a little time.

P.S. The thought of no big party for his birthday may have helped a little. Bribery sometimes does work. HAHAHAHA

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