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Re: Too young??
Dec 19, 2006
You know, I think many parents have a different view of what would be the appropriate age. My son is 12 and I still don't allow him to be without some kind of trustworthy adult supervision. We live in a small beach community on the Outer Banks of NC, so we get a ton of tourists, and I am one of those very protective moms, so I'm probably not the best person to ask.

My 17 year old (almost 18 years old as she likes to remind me)daughter was, if I remember correctly 14 when I allowed her to go to the movies without an adult present. She had a cell phone with her and checked in with me too. We dropped her off and made sure she got inside with her group, and then picked her up as well. She was/is a very responsible girl and basically always has been, so I knew she would be ok. Also, she knows several of the employees at the theater, so I had that added comfort/assurance.

It is so hard to make your kids understand sometimes how hard it is to stay firm when it comes to the rules. I mean, yes, we want them to have fun and enjoy all the things life has to offer, but we also want their safety and wellbeing to be above all else. It is hard, but our daughter is almost 18 now and has already thanked me many times over for being a "good mom". She told me that she has always known that I care. She has several friends whose parents allow them to just come and go as they please and never even ask where they are going or have any kind of curfew. I know these kids are almost 18 now, but the thing is, even at 15 and 16 these kids were allowed to roam without any restraints. I'm not saying their parents don't care, or aren't good parents, I'm just saying they raise their kids differently than I do. Now that our daughter is getting older, we do allow her more freedom, but there is still a curfew, she still has her cell phone with her and still checks in with us. She checks in with us by choice, but I do like for her to have her cell phone in case there is an emergency or she needs us for some reason.

I think the main thing is keeping the lines of communication open with our kids. I have always been an involved mom and will continue to do so until they are able to be out on their own. That time is coming quickly for our daughter too. She will be going away to college after this school year and I am already having heart palpitations. I am so excited for her, but I know how us moms are...hahaha!!

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