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The day that many parents most look forward to and most DREAD is officially here. My daughter just got her acceptance letter and Certificate of Admission to the college that was her first choice. I am so, so happy for her and extremely proud of her, but I am sitting here crying because this college is 5+ hours away and my heart just can't handle the thought of her being so far away.

I am so torn right now, because I know this is a wonderful thing, a happy and exciting thing, but the mommy part of me misses her already. I know this sounds corny probably, but I feel like it was just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms adoring her just after giving birth. I have gone through her entire childhood in my mind. I remember her coming home from her first day in kindergarten telling me she wanted to go to college. She has always been an exceptional student and there was never a question in our minds about her going to college. I honestly thought I'd be more prepared to handle this.

The bad thing is- my husband is working in an area today that our cell phones don't get any service, so I can't even tell him about this until later! Oh, I want to tell him so bad! He is going to be so happy for her.

Well, sorry that I'm rambling now, but I really needed to ask all of you who have sent your children to college- HOW in the world did you cope with the worry part of it? How did you get over the shock that the day is finally here that your child, whom you have spent your life preparing for the world, is actually heading out into that world? Please, any advice is welcome.
Nancy & Warhawkmom-
Thank you again for your input, support and understanding! Sorry I've not visited this thread in the past couple weeks. Things are crazy around here with all the paperwork for college and such.

My daughter and I have planned a trip to visit what will be her new "home". We are going to leave on Sat., Jan 20 and will return home on Tues., Jan 22nd. The tour of campus will be Monday at 9:30 am. The rest of the time, my daughter and I will be "cruising" around town and getting familiar with things like local urgent care, pharmacy, grocery store, well lit gas stations, etc. Places she will need to be familiar with. Oh, I do have to say there is a GREAT mall right there which is a good thing for when I visit, haha!! Anyway, I thought making an extended trip to familiarize ourselves with her new surroundings would be a good idea, plus because this trip is just the two of us, it will give me some "mommy" time with her.

I am deffinately going to take your advice warhawkmom, and see what kind of family plan our cell carrier offers and will also make sure they provide "towers" (service) in that area. Our previous carrier didn't service that area.

Ladies, it's such a pleasure speaking with you. We are so fortunate to have great kids, aren't we? I know this will get easier, but right now, I just have to find a way to feel ok with letting go. I CAN do this, but do I really want to? I know, I know, yes I do want to because it wouldn't be fair to keep her cooped up in this tiny little town that really has nothing to offer her as far as her future. She has a bright one ahead of her I know that.

It sounds like we are all in the same boat, and that our kids are living their lives and making their own way. I say this really is a good thing. Take care, and please continue to post!

Lezlee :wave:
Well, it looks like there are a lot more of us out there than I realized, who do not want their kids to leave home. 1geoc, you are right. Time passes so quickly and it will be here before you know it! I wish I had some advice on how to deal with it, but I guess you can tell by reading the posts from the three of us it is not an easy task. Just try to enjoy them while you can. Relish every moment. Rock them, cuddle them and hold them as much as possible. You will never regret that.

Ozzy, first, could you tell me where you get the seeds for that money tree? I would really like to pick up a package of them, or actually, a few packages!
I am so sorry you are having a hard time facing it. I understand and wish I could give you advice, but it is just as difficult for me to face and I am not even having to do it at the moment. I can almost feel the dread in the pit of my stomach. Bless your heart! It sounds like your daughter has been raised well by you and your DH, will be successful and is ready to be independent, but it is still so hard. All I can offer you are my prayers and you have those, for you, your daughter and the rest of your family.

I'm so glad we have found this board so we can all offer each other this encouragement, understanding and support. I appreciate all three of you. This is the hardest part of parenting in my opinion.

How wonderful that you all had such a good visit and that you feel so much better about her being there. It sounds like you are feeling truly relieved about it all. I am sooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY for you!

I too appreciate hearing from the other end of the spectrum. The advice you have given us is very helpful and I thank you for taking the time to share your feelings.

Don't worry she will always be needing you to be her "mommy".

The one thing I find really agravateing now that she has been in school for these three years. Is she gets so mad at me at times when I do things for her, or try to tell her how to do something. She is always reminding me how she is able to do things herself, and has been doing it all while at school. But yet when I do keep my mouth shut and don't offer advice or help she also gets mad at me and asks how come I didn't do it.
Kind of like jekyl and hyde thing. She expects me to do the "mommy" thing when she wants me to. But I am never sure when those times are. LOL

I do have to say, I so enjoy the way our relationship has grown and I feel so much closer to her now. And we always did have a close relationship. It is just changeing to that more of a equal level then child and mom.
You will get threw this step, and all the others to come. :D

(One quick note I am not sure how the begining of my other post got so messsed up. I did not write it that way. But you can figure out the way it was supposed to be.)

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