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Re: Potty Training
Jan 8, 2007
The best advice that I ever received was to get them used to the potty at a young age before they have a chance to develop any fears about it (I received this advice from my mother-in-law who raised 9 children). I noticed that my second daughter was dry in the morning at the age of either 1 or 1 1/2 years of age. What I did then was get her out of the crib and immediately go to the toilet (with the insert on it) and put her on it every morning. She peed in the toilet every morning and when she was 2 she started to tell me that she had to use the toilet. She started out telling me maybe a quarter of the time at first. She continued to wear a diaper and I would just put her on the toilet when she told me. She eventually worked her way to telling me all of the time.

This was my second child. Of course I was scared to death with my first child and I messed it up big time! I didn't have any anxiety with my second child because I "learned" with my first "experimental" child. Sometimes I wonder how my first survived!

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