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DS was pretty much potty trained at daycare/preschool shortly before he turned 3. The director instructed us to bring thick training pants and plastic pants to go over those. Was a pain at first -- especially going out somewhere 'cuz he was curious about public bathrooms and sometimes we didn't make it in time. He'd say "oh, I gotta go potty" and it meant right then and there.

We used pull ups at night, but he usually woke up dry. Mainly used those 'cuz I'd bought a HUGE box before the potty training began.Otherwise, just carried around a diaper bag with extra undies, wipes and a change or two of clothes.

Prior to the potty training in conjunction with the preschool, we'd tried pull ups and we'd tried regular big boy underwear. The latter -- he'd pee on the floor and keep right on going. Pull ups, they were like diapers and he'd just go in them.

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