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Hey there

he knows the term humping because he humps his bed when he is falling asleep this has been happening since he was about 2 1/2. and I told him to stop humping the bed a few times... I guess that was the wrong term to use :-( . and I told my sisters so when they came over we were talking about and I guess that is how he picked it up so they told me to ask the doctor. so I also asked the doctor about the humping thing and she said it is very normal because I thought OMG where the heck did he learn that and she said they just learn threw experimenting.... I guess she is right. this whole pareting thing is soo hard. I am learning as we go but my husband and I decided to get a lock and also have alittle talk with him... we want to be open with him... but not that open ;-) thanks for your imput. it makes me feel alot better and my husband also.

[QUOTE=AllTheLarsons]How did he learn the term "humping"? What did you say to him when he walked in the room and saw you? My guess is he's seen it before or on television or maybe that's what you told him you were doing when he walked in, I'm sure you were shocked, embarrassed and quick to tell him something and be done with it.

The other poster is right, kids walk in all the time, you aren't the first. But, since he saw and is now showing inappropriate behavior, it's time to have a quick, basic talk with him. I am always very open with my kids and have explained and used the appropriate terms since day one. You might try:

1. If a door is closed, you must ALWAYS knock first and wait to be invited in. Mommy and Daddy need private time. If your door is closed, Mommy and Daddy will always knock first too.

2. Mommy's and Daddy's make love together, it's a special thing just for them and when you are grown up you might make that choice also.

3. It is not appropriate to pretend like you are doing what you saw Mommy and Daddy doing.

4. Do you have any questions?

If he does you need to ANSWER every one honestly and use the correct terms, but keep it brief and basic at his age.

Also, I highly recommend you get a lock for your door.[/QUOTE]

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