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aww im glad the tuff few weeks are getting better! my son son started afternoon kindy at 3 years. he went 3 times a week for 2 hours then when he turned four he went up to morning kindy witch is 5 days a week and for a little longer, this is in prep for school. I had just one reason for enrolling him in kindy and that was to socialise him, i would rather he be at home with me lol becaus i just love having him around but i think its important for children to be able to realate to other children,learn to share etc and gain some independance.. thats why his is there :)

Im glad to here your daughter liked preschool, you might be like me, i needed a box of tissues after i left him for the first time hehe.. something to be warned about tho is that often around the third day or so, they sometimes get clingy, start off loving the new envioroment (thats becasue its new) and then some days later, when its not as new and they know you arent staying, they can get a bit distraught. hang in there tho, if it happens she will be fine, she will form a bond with one of the caregivers and in time let you go happily, once again it is just a seperation thing.. my son and i have a ritual at kindy, when we get there, he finds his name to stick on the magnetic board and then we read a book, after the book is kisses and cuddles and the promice i will be back at mattime, then i leave.. perhaps you could start some sort of a routine?

good luck on wednesday, let me know how you go! oh and the time with daddy sounds fantastic :) goodness you are right they grow up so fast! i cant belive in just 6 months ill be packing my darling off to school!

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