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We have one of those door knob devices on the inside of her door. But, I don't like to leave it shut like that when we're asleep ( i worry about safety issues too - like if there's a fire = i want her to be able to get out of her room). When I put her to bed, I leave the door adjar unless she gives me a hard time and won't stay in her room and then I shut it just until she goes to sleep. We had to do that more in the beginning than we do now. And, when she wakes up in the morning or even in the middle of the night, she comes looking for me. So, I don't worry about her wandering around on her own.
what is a toddler bed?... if i am understanding what a crib is.. with the high sides? then id say if she is nearly 3 it is time to get her into a big girls bed! it is all part of them becomming independant.. they learn to stay In bed because you teach them.. if she gets out, you put her back, in my opinion, keeping a child in a crib becasue they arent trying to climb out is like a parent still spoon feeding a 3 year old becasue they dont want to do it themselves.. let her grow up a little, she will be proud of herself!
We went right to a twin bed. But, we had planned to convert our 4 and 1 crib into a toddler bed. But, it turned out that there was a manufacturing defect -one of the screw holes was not there. So rather than go out and buy a new toddler bed to put the mattress in, we just bought the twin. We figured we were going to be buying one down the road anyway, so why not just skip the expense of a transition bed. As I mentioned earlier, we bought a bunky board (or something like that) that goes under the mattress. It raises it up only about 2 inches, if that. So, we didn't get a rail. She rolled out a couple of times, but she was so close to the floor that she was fine. And, it didn't take too long for her to get used to it. But she does roll all over it during the night. What's also nice, is that a couple of times when she had a nightmare or something, I was able to crawl into her bed with her and comfort her. Now, I've done that maybe twice in the last year that we've had the best. But, it's been nice.
My son out grew his crib well before he was 2. He went straight to a twin size bed. We used his crib matress as a buffer so that if he did roll out of bed, he landed on it. He had no problem adjusting and we just used a doggie gate in his dorrway to keep him caged in his room. If he needed us he would roll out of be with a thud toddle to the gate and hollar. Make sure there is nothing bad in the room to get into and this works great.


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