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Thanks for your resposes!
Well my indifference has come to an abrupt HALT! Yesterday afternoon when my son was getting out of school we had an agreement that he was going to walk to his friends house- the same one that I found out they were at city hall. Anyhow, I specifically told him to call me when he was leaving the school and then when he got to the friends house. Well ,no phone calls PERIOD! So I got into the car at around 3:15 to go the route from school to friends house and found them horsing around in the middle of the street with some 7th graders! Not only that- apparently the elementary school bus driver had stopped and was threatening to call the police on them because they were throwing snow balls at the bus!:mad:
WOW!! I feel like one of those moms that always say "MY SON would NEVER...." Well...HE DOES!! Then to top this off he somehow snuck his razor scooter to school that morning (my hubby got him off in the a.m.-DUH!!) and was doing his crazy stunts in the road UGH! I called the mother of this other child and guess what? SHE WAS NOT HOME!! She's a school teacher! And she allows her son to roam all over town-not only that she's not even home. Needless to say hes not allowed over there until I can figure out what the rules are in there home. My son was very upset and was crying and apolgising but I'm very upset at his behavior. He knows the rules!
Another thing that I found out is that this friend was hit by a car in the neighborhood last year and she still allowes him to roam around unsupervised! UNREAL!!
Thanks for your help! I've got my answer-no roaming without supervision! Unless it's in his neighborhood and his boundries.

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