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In my current household there are 3 teens. A 14 boy who is mine and two step children a 13 boy and 16 girl.
Yes we are busy! Like most typical teens we(the parents) are known as the nagger's. I don't call it nagging so much as simply asking them to learn a few life skills. The normal picking up their rooms, don't leave your crap every where and anywhere you like, put the dishes in the dishwasher, not where ever! For the most part they are great kids, good students etc. But lazy and demanding they are.I did not raise my son to be this way, but somehow I woke up and there was this cocky teen with attitude.
Somewhere along the way over two years my husband and I turned into mr & mrs taxi and cinderella. And well frankly I am tired of both.

Of coarse when we try to talk to them we get the grunts, my son seems to have learned some sort of new language which involves talking with marbles in his, my stepdaughter just finds anything outside her circle of friends just plain annoying, and the youngest of the three just chooses to really not listen or hear what your saying....

I guess I would just like some advice from some other parents in the same situation with teens at home. How do you get through to them? or do you?
Somedays I would love to ship all three off to boot camp or boarding school until they are grown and not so frustrating. My hair is graying fast.

Any help would be appreciated.

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