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[COLOR="Indigo"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Well, I've heard that potty training boys is a lot harder than girls and I will say that after having such an easy transition from diapers to potty with my DD I will say that this has to be true! My 2 yr old son (2.3 yrs) wants NOTHING to do with potty training.However, I do know the culprit and I need advice on how to fix this issue. My dear, dear mother in law took it upon herself to make the start to potty train my son. Right before his 2nd birthday she attempted to potty train him while they were having an over night weekend...without discussing it with me first [which made me very mad...and still does when I think about it]...well, this is not the only problem...she DROPPED HIM IN THE TOILET HIS FIRST ATTEMPT!!!!! So you can see why I am angry. Now hes' afraid of the toilet. I bought a potty seat that sits ontop of the toilet to ensure him to not fall in. PLUS, I use the potty chair I had used for my daughter. How do I curb his fear of the toilet!?!? I could kill her (not really of course) for doing this!! Need help![/FONT][/COLOR]

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