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My son, 4 1/2, will urinate in the toilet and keep his underwear dry ALL DAY. But, when it comes to #2 he always goes in his pants! We've been fighting with this for a year now. The first time we bought him Thomas the Tank underwear thinking he would want to use the potty as to not ruin his Thomas pants. He is a HUGE Thomas fan. Well, after ruining like 2 packs of those, we switched to the plain white Haines which comes in bigger packs for the same price as character undies. Still, he peed in the potty but would poop in the underwear. Eventually, he lost all his underwear because they would become too soiled to wash out. We've since switched back to pull-ups and told him no new undies until he's potty trained.

I'm not sure if this was the best thing seeing as now he just pees in the pull-up cause he knows it won't make a mess. I've tried potty charts and treats. It's hopeless. His little sister is getting too big for her crib and we need to move her to a new bed. We told him that once he's fully potty trained we'll buy him a Thomas bed (he's been dying for this since he could talk!) and he can give his old bed to sissy.

When we put him to bed at night he says he hates his bed and wants a new one. But we want him to know that when we say something we stick to our guns. All we want is for him to poop on the toilet all the time. He did poop once a month ago, but then later that day pooped in his pants.

Really, the struggle is driving me crazy. He needs to be in pre-school, badly, because he needs interaction with kids his age. But no pre-school will take him because he's not potty trained! :confused: I'm at a loss.

Can someone out there help me? What's the secret?

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