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Well this is what we had to do when my son was 2. He was potty trained in every aspect, but did not and refused to poop. First, children get the urge to poop after eating it stimulates the digestive tract. So 15 minutes after each meal, set him on the pot for 15 minutes and get him to try.. if he does it, make a big production of it and give him a reward.. this may be all it takes. If he starts to resist this.. take him regularly to the potty and make him sit til he goes, at 4.5 he knows what he is doing. My son is that age now, and he is given no leeway fighting the potty.

As to the not wanting to poop, this may be something you are facing. My son went through that as well. We had to finally get professional advice and it had quick and great results.. my pediatrician says boys are very prone to such behavior. My son would be border line impacted, he fought pooping so hard... could hold it for 3-4 days and then it would hurt like Hades to poop. Only releasing little bits here and there in his pants. He was definitely full of it.

How did we fix it, well this is what the MD suggested? Daily doses of milk o mag in his milk kept him soft, and then we would take him to the potty and make him sit after every meal for 15 to 30 minutes. In many cases this potty time out is enough for the child to go so they can go back to fun stuff, like playing. Alas it made my son bear down and become more stubborn.. thus we entered phase two.. the suppository treatment when he hit that third day of fighting. We used a glycerin childs suppository. Those suppositories won't hurt you, but they burn like all get out if you fight them for longer than the 15-30 minute retention time...and you are left with no choice but to go. My son's record 1.5 hours holding it and refusing to poop after suppository application, screaming in my ear the whole time, "I will not poop, I am not going to use the potty!".

It only took one stubborn weekend and four suppositories and a lot of sitting on the pot time for him to realize, it was better to go when you had too than spend the day on the toilet for continually streaking your pants and get a pooping tablet. My pediatrician suggested this tack and it was the best thing we ever did. One weekend and now since he only had the occasional accident when ill afterward.

Now my son still hates to stop what he is doing to poop.. "It takes to long!" (my son's words there) But we make my son sit and try to poop once a day after dinner, and do not tolerate messy britches. If he doesn't at least produce a BM every other day and begins to streak his britches and do the obvious (I have to poop dance, but won't) dance.. we just ask him if he needs a tablet (what we call the suppository) to help him poop. He will look at us and say, "No, Thank-you." and with in the next twenty minutes be hollering," I am done! " from the potty so we can check him.

Potty training is rough, but there comes a time when they are old enough to know and just refuse that you have to take the hard line. Parents can not always be the good guys and I am often the meanie.. my husband likes to disappear for the potty problem issues.


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