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... Actually from experience w/ the bullying, one of the reasons why kids do not want to tell the parents the full story is because parent will react(which is normal), but it is embarrassing to the child, more embarrassing than the actual incident, because then you get it worse for the factor other kids see you hiding behind the parents.....Parents are in a tough spot when it... (12 replies)
... When I started in grade 5 I was the fattest kid in school. ... (12 replies)
... I was the type of kid that would take the bullying but when it came to the point that groups of kids would wait for me after school I learned to deal with it once rather then for life. ... (12 replies)

... children now days that take care of the problem them self that they also get into trouble,"retaliation"...My son had that problem, he got so tired of the bullying that he just took care of it himself, and of course these kids don't bother him anymore, but it caused more problems in the end.... ... (12 replies)
... But he has many years of school to get through and you may controll the situation now but what about next year and theres grade 10, this can all be stopped now. ... (12 replies)
... My 4th grader goes to a large elementary school with more than 600 kids. It's a fairly nice school also. ... (12 replies)
... I agree with dole very much so and think if you can fight his battles behind the sceens, and get your sons opinion on how he wants it handled. If you are behind the sceens you will know whats going on with out him telling you. I think if you handle a couple situations well then he will trust to open up a little more. (12 replies)
... You are correct Randy on the parents monitoring the class's. Making sure that the child knows when to use it and not to. My brother, was terrible as my nephew was and initiated how tough he was.....So yes it is as important for the parent as well as the child. Sometimes the parent does have to step back for the child's sake, but w/ out the child knowing you can monitor... (12 replies)
... I think that Randy and Dole brought up some good points. It is very difficult to know how to handle a situation like this in the best way. It is our first instinct to protect our kids, and reacting certain ways could only make things worse for our child. I agree with Dole about our kids not wanting to tell us everything because they don't want to be embarassed further by... (12 replies)
... I donít want to be an alarmist, but you and your son really need to take action immediately. While this might be an isolated incident it might also be your first glimpse of the tip of an ugly iceberg your son is already dealing with. If you donít prepare your son now, he wonít know what to do when it happens again. Do something ASAP, before a pattern is formed Ė once... (12 replies)
... The principal took it seriously and called you. Keep your eyes and ears open for any changes in your son's behavior. Next time if it happens, the school may not be aware of it. (12 replies)
... I think this incident has already been handled very well by the school. Keep an eye out for any further stuff, otherwise it is over. Sera. (12 replies)
... I'm sorry this happened, and I'd expect you to be understandably upset, but I have to say, I think it's a positive thing that the principal called and informed you and that he took immediate action to suspend the bully's. This shows that they take it seriously. Hopefully that will be the end of it. (12 replies)

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